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Karnataka Police Act

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The draft of the proposed police act (table of contents and the body) are attached. The link is at KSP's site. Minister Ashoka mentioned (last line in article) that it is being reviewd. Some hurried comments based on a hurried look:

  1. An effective emergency response number for first response is still not addressed.
  2. No direction for first responders - expedited response, call for ambulance service if needed, basic medical/CPR training etc.
  3. There is no indication of securing a crime scene and not letting all and sundry trample all over.
  4. Recruitment procedure into the SBPRD (item 71.) is unclear. Ideally lateral entry by qualified professionals should be allowed.
  5. No mention of protection of whistleblowers (or "acoward" in praja lingo). Don't necessarily have to wait for Central govt. for action; state govt. can be the pioneer.
  6. Disciplinary action (item 119.) is incomplete.  Does not include things like officers cannot "plant" things in a place or on person, officers have to inform that warrant is needed for arrest, cannot intimidate, cannot (sexually) harass people, cannot arrest minors etc.
  7. There are no clear rules of "engagement" for the traffic police. They shouldn't be able to pull up because they have to meet a quota or arbitrarily.
  8. No mention of the preferred number of police personnel per quantum of (say 1000) population.
  9. Interaction between RPF, CISF etc. is not mentioned.  How is the jurisdiction separated?

The draft seems to concentrate excessively on the police internal structure, promotion, recruitment, discipline, incentives, and dwells minimally on the issues that are more important from the public perspective. The authors would do well to research acts in other countries if they haven't already done so and create a more balanced act.

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 Thanks for sharing the doc.

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 Thanks for sharing the doc. I am not sure the act is expected to lay down operating procedures (even though it treads a thin line in lots of places) and only expected to create functions and grant them certain powers. In chap 17 & 18 for example it grants powers to make rules to the respective units created by the act. comment guidelines

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