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Govt hospital management heading the PPP way?

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Public Health

The chief minister’s idea of handing over government hospitals to non-government organisations (NGOs) as announced at an event in Shimoga does not seem to be welcomed by the city based government hospitals.

Speaking to The New Indian Express, head of one of the government hospitals based in the city said: “If this is the case, then it will be very difficult to manage the hospital. Generally the NGOs have a fixed working hours. They do not work 24/7.” Citing an example he said: “If some emergency comes up, sometimes at around midnight then it would  be difficult to handle. For a day or about a week it is fine, but in the long run, I feel this  idea will not work.”

However, the Department of Health and Family Welfare said: “We are open to the idea. A few of the schemes like  Arogya Bandhu are already running under public-private partnership model and has been doing  excellent services.” “Even during this budget, it has been mentioned that services at Taluk Hospitals and Community Health Centres will be opened for PPP. When the NGOs come forward they will be examined first,” he added.

For the full report in the New Indian Express, click here

Well, one would have expected the head of the govt hospital (quoted) to come up with some thing more convincing than the lame excuse proferred. Apparently, there isn't any.

And, indeed this is what I have been advocating from long - There is no redemption for these institutions as long as their management remains with the government, and the loot in various forms will only continue to grow in the years to come. The only way out is for their operations to be made over totally to any of the many reputed institutions existing in the field, like St John's, St Martha's, St Philomena's, Chinmaya Mission, Mata Amrutanandamayi trust, etc, etc, possibly monitored by a Healthcare services and Education Regulatory Authority, set up replacing the state Health Ministry. For the full text of that, click here.

The writing on the wall has been there from long.

Enough debate on the issue has already happened on Praja, amongst the most engaging being accessible here.

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govt services on sufferance

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Central health scheme in a shambles in city. There is nothing to revel about the infrastructure at dispensaries functioning under the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) for the benefit of Central Government employees and pensioners. More than 1.50 lakh Central Government employees and pensioners in the city depend on these ill-equipped and under-staffed dispensaries for medical check-ups.

Manipal Hospital and Chinmaya Hospital admitted CGHS beneficiaries till a few years ago. They stopped when the authorities concerned started delaying the payment of medical bills. “We have to go to other hospitals situated at distant locations,” said a beneficiary. Dr Shanmuganandan, additional director, CGHS, Karnataka, said efforts were being made to encourage other private hospitals to admit beneficiaries of CGHS.

For the full report in the New Indian Express, click here

Whatever the scheme, it's the same story, again and again. One would then have expected the people to start saying "enough is enough - just move over, and leave it to us to do it".

Well, Mr Yeddiyurappa is beginning to make the right kind of noises, finally. Will the janata take the hint, at least now?

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