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Property Tax Payment

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Sharing my experience in the property tax payment in the BBMP office. Now that Bengaluruone has been taken out of the property tax gambit, everyone has to go to the respective ward BBMP office (if not paying online) unlike Bengaluruone where you can pay at any centre. I went to the local BBMP office on 5th cross Malleswaram. Two staff is allocated for the generation of challans that one has to take to the Canara Bank and pay the tax. Only Canara Bank has been chosen to collect the tax. Later the bank will provide the receipt to you. No need to go to the BBMP office again (thank god).

There is an early 20s guy sitting in the Malleswaram 5th cross BBMP office. He asks questions regarding the super built up area to confirm what he is seeing on the monitor. If there is big difference in the numbers, he told one of the public to bring his 2008-09 tax application. So not sure if he is authorized to ask this question. One of the senior ladies blasted him saying that whatever he is seeing on the monitor is the same since she has been paying taxes for the same apartment with no change. Hope the guy knows English properly to read the info on the monitor.

What I have observed is that people have been paying the same tax for years though they have built additional floors and rented them out. How BBMP deals with it, I am not sure.  



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shoddy on-line process

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In the so-called IT capital of the country, one would have expected its municipality (BBMP) to be doing a professional job of collecting its property taxes, over the net. But, alas, that's not to be; it's doing a totally shoddy job, which even the remotest village panchayat in Bihar will be ashamed of - check here

Muralidhar Rao
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colossal increase, even as services deteriorate

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BBMP finally appears to have got its on-line tax collection process working. Whatever, it took me some 4 attempts, over 3 hours, to "crack" even as straight-forward a case as mine. As for cases, involving slightest of 'complications', one is essentially at the mercy of the revenue officer, which is apparently how it's designed to be. The only way out, as I have repeatedly been saying, is to outsource the job to reputed professional players (check here).

Further, for all the its claims that the increase was just marginal, I found mine to be a colossal 45.2%. Now, I wouldn't mind paying that if BBMP could get its act together on the various aspects of the functioning. But, what is seen on the ground is that the services are deteriorating year after year. That being the case, questions need to be asked, and that's what I'll keep doing. 

Muralidhar Rao
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5% off applicable for paying early?

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Do we still get the 5% off? I forgot to ask the guy at the BBMP office. The way the challans are printed, I cant figure it out. comment guidelines

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