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Citizen's Charter of Demands for State Elections - 2013

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It is 2013 and time for elections to Karnataka State Assembly. Certainly time has flown so fast that, the state elections of 2008 appears as if it happened yesterday. 2008 elections are history now and whether like it or not, 2013 state elections are around the corner.

I am sure you hvae heard about Election Commission announcing elections to be held in May 5th, 2013 and Results to be declared on May 8th.

Official announcement -

Once again, an opportunity for the citizens to exercising their constitution right in choosing a candidate of their choice. Once again voter has become most sought after commodity. Times have have changed, so as our aspirations. Once again an opportunity is knocking for ordinary citizens like us to grab. An opportunity to put forward a charter of demands to the contesting candidates, their parties and nation to see. A list of demands that we as ordinary citizens would like our representatives to fight for. A list fo demands that we would like our representatives to fulfill during the next 5 years. The list that reflects my and your preference of governance.

Keeping that spirit, Here with I am listing some of the demands. Pls feel free to object or suggest new ones. Do submit via comments.

Let us collate our ideas, suggestions that could form a Charter of Demand from Praja platform.  Since this is a time sensitive, let us put closing date of April 5th, 2013. On April 6th, we could collect and make a comprehensive list for grab for all the political parties.

  • Governance
    1. Transparency and accountability in every government transactions
    2. Credible and Working citizen grievance regime at all levels of government
    3. Making agencies like Lokayukta, BMTF powerful enough to prosecute the offenders
    4. Plans and policies to enforce the constructions of adequate number of toilets and restrooms in all public spaces, Malls and commercial areas.
  • Infrastructure
    1. Vision, plan and its implementation for 100% 'ROAD' connectivity between districts and Bangalore City
    2. Vision plan and its implementation for 100% 'RAIL' connectivity between districts and Bangalore City
    3. Strengthening the School infrastructure with RTE guidelines for toilets and playground in schools.
    4. Building pedestrian and Non-Motorized infrastructure in all district headquarters and cities.
    5. Promotion of PPP model for building public toilets in all towns and cities
  • Education
    1. Strict implementation of RTE in the entire state
    2. Promoting PPP model for quality schools in Urban Poor Localities, Villages and towns
    3. Visions, Plan and implementation for 100% literacy rate
    4. Visions, Plan and implementation for reduction in School Dropout specially among girls
    5. A Vision, Plan and its implementation for educational facilities within 50 Kms of reach
  • Transportation
    1. Plans and policies to promote public transport for both daily commute and long distance
    2. Implementation of plans for multiple mass transit systems for cities like Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore
    3. Promotion of PPP model for building infrastructure for Truck Terminals with lodging, rest, repair and transfer amenities.
    4. Plans and policies to promote less usage of private vehicles in cities by higher taxes, surcharges, congestion charges etc.
    5. Plans and policies to bring autorikshaw and taxis under the definition of Public Transport
    6. Plans and policies to bring autorikshaw and Taxis into organized sector by formalizing under Cooperative or private corporate operations
  • Tourism
    1. Promotion of PPP model for improving the existing tourism locations
    2. Promotion of Non-Motorized access and facilities at all tourism spots.
  • Environment
    1. Immediate action plan to rejuvenate all water bodies in the state
    2. Enforcement and prosecution of all the encroachments on water bodies
    3. Plans and policies to promote forestry, gardening and protections of tress in the entire state.
    4. Plans and policies to promote rain water harvesting across the state
    5. Plans and policies to promote strict sedimentation control in all the large developments larger than 2 acres.
    6. Plans and policies to promote building of adequate parks and playgrounds in all towns and cities
  • Housing
    1. Plans and policies to enforce the building laws and enforcement regimes for penalizing violators
    2. Plans and policies to make a certain percentage of housing reserved in all the developments, apartments for low income families
    3. Plans and policies to promote building of housings for urban and rural poor
  • Economy
    1. Plans and policies to promote all new investments in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities/towns
    2. Plans and policies to make Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities/towns self sufficient in terms facilities for education, Medical, recreation, sports etc. In other words these towns should become No. 1 preference for transfers among govt officials.
  • Sports
    1. Plans and policies to promote and build sports infrastructure in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities/towns
    2. Plans and policies to promote to conduct yearly sports events in these Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities/towns
    3. Plans and policies to support sportsperson from Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities/towns

Bangalore Specific

  1. Immediate implementation of 'Namma Railu, aka Commuter Rail Service'
  2. Pedestrian infrastructure
  3. Dedicated Bicycle lines on all city roads
  4. Incentivise Public Transport Commute - Concessions for monthly passes, Tax rebates for corporates to participate
  5. Penalize use of private vehicles
  6. Rejuvenation of all lakes and water bodies
  7. Rejuvenation of all parks and playgrounds
  8. Strengthening and rebuilding of all school buildings that are 30-40 year old
  9. Building adequate number of public toilets and urinals on all major roads
  10. Redefining the PT operations in the city with policies to promote private participation in city services.
  11. To make DULT or any agency to plan and implement the urban public transportation. This agency should also regulate and promote the public transportation.
  12. BMTC to be one of the service providers and restrict its role in planning and executing provision of PT buses. #11 should do this.

I think I should let others add the rests.




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Self Sufficiency in Energy!

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Adding to the list:


  • Vision, plan and impelmentation for capacity enhancement to become self sufficient in energy requirements
  • Plan and policies to promote generation of electricity from renewable sources like Solar, Waste
  • Building smart grids and provision to feed the power to the grid
  • Promotion for setting up solar power plants by private sector
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Time is running out!

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Time is running out for us to submit our demands to political parties. Pls submit your ideas, suggestions for to be included in the final list. Plan to submit the same by Saturday, April 6, 2013. Therefore submit your list by Friday APril, 05th.


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Infusion of Fresh Talent every year!

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One important reform or policy shift is needed in state government recruitment policy. Instead of trying to recruit thousands at a time and than going dry for next 4-5 years, it is time to adopt a new approach. For efficiency, new ideas to flourish, it is very important that fresh, young talent is recruited all the time. This will also avoid the situation of huge vacancies occurring at one particular time and creating staff shortages. The best way is to go for yearly set number of recruitment with a definite time slots like the way it is done by UPSC.

My Suggestions:

  • Conduct regular yearly recruitment for state government jobs in all departments
  • Set definite times for different recruitment - Clerical, Teachers, Doctors, Pharmacist, Nurses, Vets/Agri Officers, Officers, Engineers, Lecturers etc. comment guidelines

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