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Update on BIAL-RTI's !

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Respected Prajagale,

The BIAL-RTI efforts workgroup is working in the back preparing the ground for filing the applications. In fact today we had the first Telephonic Meeting to discuss the further actions on this front. As of now, this is the status on BIAL-RTI efforts (see original post):

  1. A premilinary list of items on which the Info will be requested from various authorities has been prepared. It is undegoing refinement and additions as more info is being gathered.
  2. Information is being gathered about the right authority with whom to file the RTI applications in various govt agencies. In this regard external help is being solicited from RTI veterans like Mr. C N Kumar, Mr. Anil etc.
  3. Starting this week, work will start on preparing the draft applications for each of the indentified information item.
  4. Looking forward to volunteers to file these applications.

If anybody is interested in volunteering for filing applications, pls send me a PM with email address and Contact phone number.

Will keep you updated as we make progress on this endevor.


[PS: Action must get priority when it comes to us highlighting content on Praja, promoting comment to a post {blr_editor}]


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I have airport knowledge not RTI

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Syed, I have knowledge of airports, but not RTI. How can I help ?

I had sent you a detailed list of points that we should raise. Were they helpful ?



Devesh R. Agarwal

Visit my aviation blog at


Bangalore Aviation
Enjoy life, destroy FUD
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thanks syed for the update.
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Yes, They were !

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 Your inputs were very valuable in preparing the list of info items.

Thank you very much for those inputs.


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keep going!

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better late than never, so this comment. Thanks for the update, and keep going! May this become a pioneering RTI-collaboration project and inspire more folks to pick their cause and run with it.


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First Batch of BIAL-RTI applications Filed !

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Dear Prajagale,

  It gives me great pleasure to inform you that, today we have filed a first batch of BIAL-RTI applications. It is a batch of 8 applications asking for various documents and information. This batch is mostly addressed to GOI agencies. Believe me, it covers a lot of information items and many documents.

 2nd batch is expected to be filed soon.

 Lets hope that, these efforts will not go waste. Hoping that we are continuing the PRAJA tradition of KNOW, CARE and PARTICIPATE.

 Thanks to all the praja members who contributed to the efforts.


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Congratulations to all

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I admire your committment to a cause.
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2nd Batch of BIAL-RTI applications Filed !

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Dear Praja members, It gives me great pleasure to inform you that we have filed the 2nd batch of RTI applications w.r.t BIAL project. These applications are filed with one of the agencies with GOK. Please feel free to post your suggestions or comments. Thanks again to all the Praja members who contributed to the efforts.
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Update on BIAL RTI's - October 18th !

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Respected Prajagale,

With the help from some of our Praja members, all the RTI applications have been filed with the respective government agencies. In past week we have also received letters from 2 GOI agencies asking for further payment for providing the copies of documents. That's an indication that our applications have been accepted and acknowledged. Now payment and reply to the above letters are being worked and would be mailed this week.

I have also one request to all our Praja members. Please make an effort to write to the Board of Directors for putting the expansion plans on track and whatever you feel that BIAL needs to do. Here is the link for contact information of all the directors. comment guidelines

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