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Citizen participation in governance

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Can non IAS/Politico citizens add value to governance?

Dozens of dapperly dressed young people gathered to attend a conference entitled, "Exploring Spaces for Young Indians in Government."

Suri, who is spending the summer assisting the office of Sachin Pilot, Minister of State for Communications and Technology, is among the growing ranks of young Indians who are showing an increasing interest in exploring careers in public policy and government - areas in which Indian civil servants have had a historical monopoly.

Counter-intuitively, the majority of the attendees were young people comfortably ensconced in private sector jobs. If these two things are anything to go by, then it strongly signals a slow but steady shift in the years and decades to come, towards a younger, more inclusive and level playing field in India's governing fabric, which will ultimately bode well for its nation-building project.

The trend also suggests a major break from a past in which young people, disillusioned by corruption, inefficiency and nepotism in government, opted for alternate careers.

India's youth may be ready for their country but is its government ready for them? Can eager young people truly add value or will they get lost in the labyrinth of big government? And if they can add value, what is the best way?

What do you think?


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Definitely !

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Young people definitely add value and the best way is when they become a part of the Government, I feel. There will be more addition to this value if these young people are also literates and are aware of socio-economical and political issues. Motive behind the participation also counts. If they are confident and committed to bring about positive changes and are firm with some (atleast) principles, they need not fear to get lost. Youth should also be able to differentiate between objectivity and subjectivity and decide which yields the expected result and act accordingly. Youth have tremendous capacity that can be utilized for the welfare of Nation. This was long before realised by Swami Vivekananda when he gave a call to the youth to "wake up". But the real challenge lies in identifying such potential youth and bringing them into the system.


Thanks, Poornima.
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