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Tier 2 chinese towns better than b'luru

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Chinese cities that are nowhere in the league of Shanghai score better than Bangalore on atleast two fronts — respect for and execution of urban regulations and city orderliness.




This is damning to say the least. It points to a clear failure of administration. There is zero capability in being able to run a city. We are now only ahead of sub-saharan Africa in urban planning, development and more importantly maintenance.


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not just administration..

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We are all responsible for the plight we are into

..adminstration is the way it is now because we made it to be like that..we being in a democracy!

China build a railway to tibet..avoiding building a major highway..cos of both socio/econimic concerns and we go cutting trees from a 2.5 ft footpath and try to widen it around IISC..

BBMP holds a grand feast for its employees..cos they collected more taxes?? afterall whos money was it!?

Bangalore public do all violations while building properties cos they can bribe thru it or they have a 'sakrama' package to make it legal!

This list is never ending!


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Means and ends

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One of the problems is politicians and administrators view getting elected to be the end goal and the the time they spend on the post, earning side money being the means to that end. You would think it should be the other way around. Getting elected is the means to the end called providing leadership to the citizens. 

Of course servant leadership is lost on all. Considering it was Chanakya who pioneered the concept, its shameful at the very least.

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Correct identification

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The report identifies the main causes of bad condition of Bangalore. Administration behaves as if it has infinite wealth without believing in the need to get things right the first time in their projects and allowing too many violations by the citizens. comment guidelines

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