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Saying goodbye to subways

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Pedestrian Infrastructure

In the past I had shared images of useless pedestrian subways near Hammersmith. Instead the pedestrian refuges were so effective and popular that the subways became disused. Work is still on going, but notice how the ugly space occupying lesions have been surgically removed to make way for a more likeable streetscape.
Also check out the pedestrianised Lyric Square (once a road between King Street and Beadon road) - and how it comes to life in spring / summer - (square within the square being set up for kids entertainment)
How long before we see this in Mumbai and Pune? 




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Bangalore's magic ped underpass innundated

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Maybe bangalore too should think again abt these magic solutions.

Dr AsJ its indeed a good insight into what failed in the UK..however request images of what happened on the road that led to people dumping the underpasses will be very valuable..

I know you have posted this earlier somewhere here..however if accompanied in this would be of great value..

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What a contrast!

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What a contrast these two posts make! Simultaneously as Londoners are closing the sub-ways, we are just discovering them! One wonders if our Neta/ Babu lot ever bother to observe these kinds of things on their ever so many trips abroad! Perhaps not - because there also they go around only in taxies, I guess.

Muralidhar Rao

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