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London bus lane in action - snap shot

This is part of my usual journey from Hammersmith to Hounslow. I managed to track 4 of the 8 miles on foot up to Chiswick (by then it the light was getting poor) - here are some snap shots put together as a slide show.

Suggest watching in high quality option just below the right hand corner of the screen).
By now, if this was in an Indian city, the wide footpath and mature trees would have vanished.


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Contraflow bus lanes and Pre-signal technology in action

Here are a copule of new additions -
To watch contra-flow bus lanes in opearation in London -
The above covers following locations - Russell Square, Piccadilly Circus, New oxford Street leading to Oxford Circus, Charing Cross Road near Tottenham Court (Tube station), London Road near Elephant & Castle tube station and finally Tooley street near London Bridge.
To watch a short video giving insight in to workings of the pre-signal technology - 
Use the HQ button on the bottom right of the Youtube display screen to watch in better quality.
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Prioritising buses: Yet another pre-signal at work

Here is another busy road - Feltham high street

Apart from noting the pre-signals at work when beating the traffic congestion while approaching a narrow bottle neck again, observe how the high street road has curved road layouts with wide pedestrian friendly zebra crossings (as well as pedestrian friendly grade separators). The curved road layout is a traffic calming measure (instead of ugly speed breakers). 
Again, recommend watching in HQ and opt for big screen to closely study the signal changes in last two images.
Other than lack political and administrative will, is there any other reason why Pune and Mumbai should not see their buses being prioritised with such simple methods?

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