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The Next PIL against BBMP- Streetlights or the lack of it

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Dear Prajegale,

There have been numerous reports in the media about how poorly lit Bangalore is as a city and how this has actually encouraged anti social activities. Some of the prominent roads where you could find dysfunctional streetlights are:

(1) Nrutpathunga Road- This road houses the IG's residence and a civil court. St Marthas Hospital is also located on this road so is RBI's Bangalore Branch.

(2) The stretch after Vidhana Soudha leading to Indian Express - A stone's throw away from Raj Bhavan 

(3) The main road of Rajarajeshwari Nagar 

(4) The Outer Ring Road in stretches after Silk Board - The HSR Layout Stretch, The Agara Stretch, Devarabesanhalli stretch, Kadubeesanhalli stretch.

I have been trying hard to get the streetlights in front of my house fixed. These have been dysfunctional for the last one week. The BBMP engineer is insolent, the corporator indifferent. Do we bother the MLA with basic issues such as these? The MLA visited our apartment a couple of weeks and most of the so called educated people in our apartment who were falling over each other in an attempt to kowtow to our elected representative were more concerned about mundane issues like road humps. It is really sad that people in India don't know the difference between the responsibilities of a corporator and an MLA. They should have brought to notice, the indifference of officials as regards local issues instead of harping on needless issues such as road humps.

I almost collided with a fellow two wheeler driver a couple of weeks back because of lack of streetlights. A couple of years ago, an employee of Mindtree was mugged,and beaten up. He had to be hospitalized for a couple of weeks. All this happened on a dark stretch. There is a dark stretch in front of Sun Pub on the road behind the famous Shanmuga temple in RR Nagar. Early this year, a senior citizen was robbed of his mobile phone in broad daylight. The stretch continues to be dark even today. The cops started patrolling this area after this incident?

But when shall BBMP learn? Will they ever learn?

The Karnataka Government has come out with a poorly drafted law on Right to Recall Sarpanch act. In my opinion, this should have been extended to municipalities in Karnataka as well. Right to recall should be implemented at the grassroot level. 

Kindly post your views.





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Small mercies!  Four out of

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Small mercies!  Four out of the six lamps in front of my house have been repaired.

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This is what I meant!

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Way to reach out for

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Way to reach out for BBMP.


I have been trying to submit the complaint but the due to bug in website , not allowed to submit the application form . you can try your luck :-)



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The BU campus is a dark

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The BU campus is a dark desolate stretch. Are the BCP and BBMP chaps serious? 

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I had a tough time getting

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I had a tough time getting BBMP to fix the dysfunctional street lights near Mysore Road metro station.  It took them more than a month, an accident and constant pressure on the part of BTP to fix these lights. The so called engineering marvel- the two level flyover is a death trap when the lights on this flyover don't work.

Hail BBMP, its indifference, insouciance and its insolence.

This busy stretch with its dysfunctional street lights along with dingy hovels/ favelas not to mention the ubiquitous grime and the squalid Vrishbhabhavthi gives one the feeling that one is in a violent shanty town of  Africa/ Latin America and not Bengaluru. comment guidelines

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