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Elevated Light Rail System – Hebbal to JP Nagar

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An alternative mode of quick transport, real estate based development or a mere election gimmick?

The execution of this project could take some time given that the construction of the signal free corridor is still underway on the stretch between JP Nagar and Nayandahalli. The construction of the Bi Directional Flyover at Dollars Colony and Jedimara Junction and the Bi Directional underpass at Food world junction is yet to start. Work on the flyover at Deve Gowda Petrol and KEB Junction and the underpass at Muthuraj Junction is yet to be completed.

Given the slew of construction activity that is currently happening and the activity that is planned for the future, it might actually take a few years before we see light rail chugging on this road.

Some Stats:

(1) Length: This shall have a 31 kilometre line between JP Nagar and Hebbal with 24 stations. A 10.6 kilometre line on Magadi Road is also planned stretch with 11 stations.

(2) Cost: Rs. 11, 500 crores

(3) Construction Period: 4 years

(4) Capacity: 7.44 lakh commuters by 2027 and 13.26 lakh commuters by 2050

(5) Property to be acquired: A total of 59.03 acres of private land along with 205.6 acres of government land is to be acquired.

(6) Gradient and Frequency: The system could climb a gradient of 11% unlike metro which could barely climb 4%. The frequency of the train could be much higher at 90 seconds unlike the metro, which is at 10 minutes

The Project shall need an objective assessment on the following parameters:

(1) Financial – An analysis of the cost of this overhead system on a per rider and per kilometre cost basis will have to be done. It would make sense to compare LRTS with alternatives mode of transport for BRTS, CRS and Metro.  Estimate of the interest that is likely to be saved through the innovative method of financing.  Cost of property acquisition on this stretch. Does BARL plan to monetize the properties acquired on this stretch through Non Box Revenue?

(2) Environmental:  This corridor is likely to be opened up for redevelopment with a relaxation on FSI. What could be the impact of such a relaxation on ground water, air quality and soil in the area? What could be the impact on air quality from a probable reduction in the number of private vehicles on this road? What is the damage that could be caused to Bangalore by developing new layouts? Metro and ELRTS is to be financed through a mix of FSIs and levies on new layouts

(3) Socio Economic Impact: What is the socio economic impact of such a project? A lot of properties are to be acquired for this project. The probable impact of property acquisition on this stretch will have to be evaluated.

(4) Legal Impact: An objective assessment of the probable delay in execution of the project chiefly on account of delays in property acquisition should be assessed.

(5) Capacity Planning: Have the authorities taken into account the increase in population that this stretch is likely to see? This is all the more imperative given that FSI regulations on this stretch are to be relaxed.

Would love to hear from concerned citizens on this project. Hope, it does not turn out to be another white elephant like the slew of projects that we have seen in Bangalore. comment guidelines

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