Bus Day Campaign - Need Minds & Hands!!

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26 Jun 2010 08:30
26 Jun 2010 10:00

Heres some fun activity followed by lot more fun activity!!

Update: The video campaign is put off for now. A separate notification will be posted on Praja whenever it happens!! The effort to meet and get the buy-in of corporators will go  ahead as planned.

Event 1: Video Campaign

We have to build some short videos as Bus Day online campaign material. The intent is to showcase advantages of taking the bus, in short and crisp videos (may be 10 sec to 1min duration). The 'shoot' is planned for Saturday, 26th June from 8:30am to 10am. We need volunteers to enact in the clips. We need men and women - old, young & middle-aged, able to speak 'minimal' English or Kannada. And yes, ideas and storylines for the videos are also welcome. Hope to see atleast 10 people!!

Venue: Shantinagar Bus Stand (tentative). From there, we may hop on to a 'exclusive' Bus to shoot the videos!!

And yes, We need a good camcoder and a interested/skilled 'video'grapher. Any volunteers?

Event 2: Corporators Campaign!!

The focus group for the July Bus Day are the newly elected BBMP corporators. Idea is to use their local 'influence' to inspire more people to Take the Bus.. We need to hand over a  letter inviting the corporator to take the bus. A freebie to them is that we will put up their photographs will be put up on Praja and sent to various media houses!!

We will split into teams and meet/call the corporators. It is doable as long as someone in the group can speak broken Kannada. The corporators do respond in broken English!!



Sri, efforts appreciated!

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Sri, Manjari and Pathy Sir,

Your efforts to re-ignite the Praja support for bus days are laudable. Interesting are the plans for video campaign and corporators support. Wish you and the team all the best.

One request - Can you guys setup a Praja meeting with BMTC top brass after the July Bus Day?




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I have requested a friend of mine (who claims to be a good photographer!!) to join us tomorrow morning...

If there is somebody else volunteering, it is good too!!

-Srivatsava V

Video campaign put off.. for now!!

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Due to some logistical issues, we have to put-off the video campaign for the next week or two...

The corporators campaign is still on.. We are still meeting tomorrow at 8:30am at Shantinagar Bus Stand..

-Srivatsava V

st johns road - indiranagar

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need more bus routes from frazer town/st johns road towards indiranagar.

only 137/8 and the bia 4&6 are options currently and this is certainly not enough.