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Ring road through the GKVK

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Private transport

 A 100 feet road through the GKVK will eat away precious green land used for research and hosting many plants and trees. A peaceful suburn will now be swamped by cars and traffic. A University will now have to function with a road running through it.

A process of consultation is the least of ways adopted by the government. No reasonable explanation has been given for the necessity of the road. Two dotted lines on a colour CDP map barely visible to the naked eye has now become the legal basis for the road. 

The Commissioner of the BBMP who argued for the road is now the Secretary of the Agriculture Department of the GOK and in a curious twist of fate the arbiter of the decision from this side. Protests from students , professors and residents have simply been ignored. 

There is no corporator to represent the case politically and the MLA is missing in action looks like. The city loses its sheen and the car overpowers all before it in a carbon overwhelmed world.

What then to do to oppose this madness? Who shall listen? Who shall consult and plan?  Who shall prevent yet another tragedy in the name of development?


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ssheragu my suggestion is as

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my suggestion is as follows

1. find who is the local MLA

2. fix  a meeting between the MLA and Praja members

3. we shall try to impress upon him about the necessity & urgency of retaining the greenery of GKVK

4 distribute pamphlets in the GKVK campus so that a large GKVK community support is generated for this initiative

5 fiinally request BBMP to stop the road construction and file a PIL against the road construction

many thanks

Srinath Heragu

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This airport obsession...

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I dont understand why there is this obsession with making road/trains to the airport. There is absolutely NO need for this road - they have recently destroyed the Jalahalli air force base for this purpose. The BBMP just finished building a road from BEL circle to MS Palya to Yelahanka for the purpose of providing an alternative to Bellary road, so I dont see why they need to make another - and destroy one of the few remaining green parts of Bangalore.

I'm really sick and tired of the BBMPs continued incompetance. Apart from these disastrous projects, they do a completely shoddy job at the end of the day. Yeswantpur flyover is one such example - the roads on the side are not made, and below the flyover its a free for all, with cars going in all directions. They dont bother completing their projects and then move on to the next piece of destruction.

I recently had the misfortune, thanks to confusing signs, of driving through KR circle. What a spectacular mess ! Its so confusing and at the end of the day completely crazy. There seems to be no method to their madness. I think their system of U-turns, for example, perhaps needs a panel of psychoanalyts to explain.

And soom the HSRL madness will start - destroying whatever little beauty is left of central Bangalore. Its just so sad.




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Problem definition

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 they do a completely shoddy job at the end of the day

This is the whole point. Its not the intention to provide connectivity but how they go about defining the problem statement and how they design the solution to that statement. One, BBMP needs to buy a TBM and learn how to use it more often, Two take Suzy Welch 10-10-10 classes. They cant seem to think beyond the first 10 mins.

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Legality of CDP itself

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First of all, dear sheragu sir, There is no point in suggesting common sense plans like that. Distributing pamphlets, filing PIL, meeting MLA - yes yes, thats what one would like to do, but where is the helping hand?

Zenrainman sir - as for the legal basis (I assume some litigation is on already), what is the legal standinf of the CDP itself? Are other PILs in progress against the CDP (I assume you refer to Masterplan-2015) reasonable ground to rule out use of CDP to prove that a consultative plan was shared with the public before the work started on this road? comment guidelines

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