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Driving License tests on Automated Track (video)

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 Indian Driving License is the easiest to get. This video demonstration shows it all.

What we need to do is know A B and C of car and put gear without switching off the car anywhere to get the DL. Most of us including me have gone through a Driving School to get the license that too in Driving School car. This car will have additional control for the instructor and many times the instructor sits next to you and the RTO inspector at the back seat in the car. Inspector will be operating controls as well even during tests.  With the 'adjustments' driving schools have with RTO inspectors, almost everyone who goes will get the license unless the candidate do not know even to start the car or put in gear.

Candidate will then start driving car on his own with nervousness. He is so courteous and patient during initial days. After few days, after getting control, sky is the only limit for him and he cannot see the people walking, crossing, bicyclers, two wheelers. (Some may be afraid of heavy vehicles like Bus and Trucks.) He goes on the highways, does weekend drives to Mysore, NICE Road along with family ,putting his family to risk in a car without any highway safety features such as Air Bags, ABS. Even if it is there, they won't wear seat belts to activate Air Bags. One risky 'U' turn on the Mysore road will give an 'U' turn to his entire family. 

We need to blame the RTO, Money making driving schools and the attitude of our people towards cars. These are three of the root causes out of many for our chaotic city. We know how difficult it is to get a license in developed city like UK , USA or Germany. Even on AutoBahns at 200 km/h, accidents are less than our Bangalore Roads because of driver education and skills.

Why doesn't any government ask for a renewed driving license test in toughest automated driving track along with parallel parking, lane changing etc. It will really check the egos of our car drivers. Those who fail, their licenses will be cancelled. If already own a car, they should own a driver who has license or use public transport. This way we can reduce the number of vehicles as well as only efficient drivers will be allowed to drive.

Car owning will also get reduced giving more space on our roads which are full of parked cars on either sides.

Fining should be nothing than revoking the license. Ultimate aim should be to reduce the license to reduce the cars and there by congestion. This will eliminate the need for widening of roads, people loosing properties, save trees and last but not the least, save the lives of many. comment guidelines

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