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What BDA spent on Abide

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Mr A pulled out BDA's expense report on Abide (remember this event?). He found that BDA spent Rs.21,86,487 for that full day session at IISc. See a similar news reported about BBMP (Biscuits worth Rs 50000). That small event has allegedly been over-accounted. The same can't be said about Abide event, this is pure information for public consumption.

I had inspected files at BDA for the amount spent on Action for Bengaluru Infrastructure Development (ABIDe) meeting held on 28.06.2008, the details are given below:-
1. RAVE for audio visuals Rs.99,000-00
2. Jai Maruthi flower decorators Rs.95,000-00
3. Raja Enterprises for stall set up Rs.98,315-00
4. Haridas Enterprises for carpets & Plastic chairs Rs.89,437-00
5. E-Cube Advertising solutions for Arts & Human Resources Rs.96,068-00
6. Peacock Enterprises for banners Rs.97,056-00
7. Vishnu Tent house for decoration of the hall Rs.95,506-00
8. Audio Line for Electronic support Rs.93,500-00
9. Stage Logic for stage drop etc., Rs.96,635-00
10. F5 Events & Services Pvt Ltd., Rs.90,309-00
11. Bharani Electricals Rs.31,461-00
12. Fortune Enterprises Rs,63,000-00 (for 140 bags)
13. Fortune Enterprises Rs,90,000-00 (for 200 bags)
14. Fortune Enterprises Rs, 90,000-00 (for 200 bags)
15. Kiran Vedio filming Rs.40,000-00
16. F5 Events & Services Pvt Ltd., Rs.54,270-00(for other works)
17. F5 Events & Services Pvt Ltd., Rs.14,058-00(for exhibition stall design and frame)
18. Yakshi Advertising Rs.67,883-00 (for printing invitation letters, envelops, folders & courier charges)
19. Royal Orchid Hotel Harsh Rs.7,48,857-00
20. Kamakshi foods Rs.36,126-00

The total amount spent is Rs.21,86,487-00 for one day meeting, this is for the information of CAF members.

Reproduced from a CAF email from Mr A. Name acronymized for privacy sake.


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why the 90's?

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Exception of the caterers, all the bills are around 90 thousands! What about 90,000's? I had heard from a IT dept guy that anything above a lakh payment needs additional approvals..thats sharing of the cut!

Probably thats the thought! :P comment guidelines

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