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Public Works Coordination Agreement

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New life for works coordination; nascent effort underway

It’s a first for Bengaluru. Stung by criticism, local authorities and the traffic police claim they will now coordinate select public works using a simple one-page agreement.

The state government, under the support of the chief minister’s Agenda for Bengaluru Infrastructure Development (ABIDe) task force, has introduced the PWCA. Dr Ashwin Mahesh, Urban Strategy Advisor for the Government of Karnataka and Member of the ABIDe task force says, “The agreement is between all the city agenices, and they have all agreed to work through this mechanism”. He adds that this was agreed upon at a high-level coordination committee meeting in November, chaired by Dr Ravindra, Advisor to Chief Minister on Urban Affairs and ABIDe task force member.

The agreement though is not mandatory but “a gentlemanly agreement between various agencies under the aegis of ABIDe”, says Sood.

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Newly laid roads still being dug up

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Saw this post on Facebook by India Against Corruption:

Corruption on the streets: Bangalore, Thimmaya road joining Millers Road: Was 'tarred' on 13th Sept. IN JUST TWO DAYS THEY HAVE STARTED THEIR ACT OF 'DIGGING THE ROADS" AS IF THEY WERE WAITING FOR THE CONSTRUCTION TO GET OVER. Is there a way to fight this unorganized way of functioning of our own state departments? IT PUTS A THOUGHT INTO A WELL ORGANIZED MAFIA as this happens with almost all roads that get fixed.

Freshly laid Thimmayya Road dug up in 2 days


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