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New York - Disposing of Traffic Related Case via Internet!

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Recently in one of the family trip to New York, I was given a parking violation ticket for not displaying the parking ticket properly. The violation was I had placed the ticket faced down and the parking inspector couldn't see the validity of the ticket. And rightly so, he issued a ticket. This was in place called Jackson Heights, famous for Indian Stores. When family is with you, then you have no choice to skip it :)

After returning home, I disputed the violation claim and submitted my side of the story along with the proof of purchase of parking ticket that was valid during the time the parking violation ticket was issued. The whole process was done online from my office desk. Once the case was disputed and documents submitted, received an acknowledgement that they have received the application for dismissing the case and will be known about the decision soon.

After about 8-10 days letter received an email along with the final decision letter accepting my stance and dismissing the NY police's traffic violation ticket.

Lessons to be learn't,

  • Traffic Inspector performing his duty honestly
  • Best use of technology - from front to back
  • Processes that are customer friendly, transparent
  • Posting/intimation of case status at every step of the process
  • Judicial prouncement electronic way
  • Over all saving of time and efforts for everybody

Can we aspire such regime in our cities like Bengaluru?


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A distant dream indeed!

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Ours is a corrupt nation, with Tainted politicos.  Money and muscle power not only to help to win elections, but also help in making politics a rather profitable affair.

The poor in India who are in majority vote for money. Unless this balance is shifted, there is no hope of a vibrant democracy in India.

Use of internet is not an issue. The issue perhaps is alleviation of poverty 

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can't stress enough..

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Folks, one point can't be stressed enough, more than other points...

  • Traffic Inspector performing his duty honestly

That says it all and what makes other countries tick. That is the key, everyone doing their jobs.

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Situation better now?

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Nice writeup & yes, the technology & processes are additions to make things convenient, but the real issue is diligence to duty & circumvention by vast majority of the public when caught.

I have noticed though that cops are somewhat better now than before - cases of traffic violation bribing seem to have come down.

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Inner working should be in place!

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Naveen, blrpraj and others,

There is no denial that technology can only aid for what you already have. The experience that I have shared above proves that point. It is a classic example of what a good 'Customer Experience' should be.

Online access, electronic submission of tickets and status updates are just the end result of robust working process of NY city administrations. If the inside working is solid and result oriented, latest technology can only make it better.

In contrast, In India we are jumping to adopt the technologies without building up the inside working. before embarking upon thrusting technologies, they should first streamline their work flow with all the exceptions and waivers it might encounter. Once that is in place, bring in technologies that will help scale up the operations and service capabilities.

Recently I saw an announcement from MEA about phone app to apply for passport. I can only laugh at that effort given the current process they follow to process a passport. Wish they spend some energy and efforts to re-haul and streamline their work flow process starting from submission till the delivery of the passport. Later on they can add technology to make things easy for submission, inquiry, status update, dispute and grievance redress etc.


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Let's not compare the two countries. Things are very different. We have a very long way to go to have a fool proof system where it cant be manipulated. Here we want to manipulate everything, be it technology, system, legalities and what not. We have more hype than action. One need to understand that the judiciary system works fast in North America. comment guidelines

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