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ABIDe BluePrint - Secure Bengaluru

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I had the opportunity to go through the ABIDE's "Plan Bengaluru202" on "Secure Bengaluru". This document mostly focuses on building the infrastructure for security and response to any terror threats. I am assuming this should apply to tackling natural calamities as well.

The Plan suggests:

  1. Stop political interference
  2. Establishment of Crisis Management Command and control Center (CMC3).
  3. City to be demarcated into Special Security Zones (SSZs)
  4. Computerization of RTOs and linking to Police Database
  5. Review and Upgrade the police combat weaponry
  6. Upgrade of state intelligent network
  7. New laws to punish even the activities that aids terrorist acts knowingly or unknowingly.
  8. Electronic surveillance and monitoring of SSZ CC
  9. Community/Neighborhood area policing
  10. ID cards with centralized database
  11. SOPs for command centers and crisis response
  12. Tightening up of coastal security

Seems a good beginning and would be of interest to know how fast the govt would implement the plan suggestions.


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Need to be more comprehensive!

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 The blue print on "Secure Bengaluru" needs to be much more comprehensive. My Initial comments are:

  1. I would convert this document into a Secure Karnataka blue print not just specific Bengaluru. Every village, town, city is important not just Bengaluru alone.
  2. Security apparatus should be bottom up - Start from village/gramasthan, taluk, district, City/town, State. Unless you have the whole state machinery geared up for prevention and quick response, Bengaluru city would be at more risk. Bottom line stop it at state/district/village borders itself.
  3. Crisis response should also include emergency evacuations. Exit routes, closing entry routes etc.
  4. Quick response is also needed in situations like natural calamities, false rumors like recent chaos with respect to flu vaccines recently in Bangalore and other places.
  5. Quick response should also address the public address mechanism to spread the govt's advisories and announcements.
  6. Fix responsibility on each of the responsible stake holders - any intelligence should see its conclusion either with taking necessary actions or repudiate the intelligence.
  7. Prevention is much more prudent and effective than responding. Therefore intelligence plays the crucial role. The intelligence setup should include all kind of profiles - business, defense, medical, religious and ethnic backgrounds.
  8. Massive build up of human intelligence gathering infrastructure is required.
  9. Equal support interface with justice system - Speedy trials of terror accused.
  10. Every medical facility in the vicinity should accept the crisis victims for treatment and first aid.


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What do you do about this?

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Under the caption "Despite early start, Transport dept gets no where", the New Indian Express has reported (page 3, 19th Jan) that the computerisation process in the dept has come to a grinding halt. As of today, only 9 out of the 56 RTOs in the state have been computerised.

According to the Commissioner for Transport and Road Safety, Mr Bhaskar Rao, the state cabinet had recently approved the tender for a smart card project. "Rose Marta", a Delhi based company has been awarded the contract.

The report adds that "When contacted, a senior official of the dept doubted the credibility of Rose Marta".

Well, need more be said? And, it is this dept that the police depends on to identify the owners of vehicles involved in all kinds of crime.

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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Urgent reforms required

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Urgent state level reforms required in this regard have already been brought out at

The civil society needs to push for it with all its might.

Muralidhar Rao

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