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Let us count the number of pedestrian over bridges

Hello Everyone,

There were a couple of threads on the pedestrian over bridges in Praja some time back and I thought I will revive the topic.

BBMP does it again!! - Humps on Flyover


Bangalore has the dubious distinction of some of the worst implementations in infrastruacture..

Choked connectivity to Whitefield - solutions?

Public Transport

If you look back, or go ask city agencies, they would say that a lot has been done to improve connectivity to Whitefield. A six-lane railway overbridge at Marathahalli, 2006. A prominent Big-10 service (G-1), 2010. A once-every-5-minutes air conditioned bus service (335E), 2009. Road improvements (Varthur Road, Mahadevapura main road), since 2003.

Parking in front of houses

This weekend, I had parked my car in a residential area to goto a restaurant. It was not parked in a driveway nor in front of a gate nor in the slot where most of the people alter their foothpaths to park their car. By the time I returned, windshield was filled up with clay mud. No one was there near the car, but, someone from the home might have done that.

Aadhar - Questions for UIDAI?


"...What is the problem the UIDAI seeks to address?

Bicycle Parking - enabling safety and security of Cycles


One of the important things to enable Bicycling is to have Bicycle Parking which is safe and secure . Not having safe parking is a major barrier. Ride a Cycle Foundation feels that atleast important areas like Lalbagh should have bicycle parking facilities.

Need Pedestrian overbridge at Kadugodi Railway / Bus Station area


Request to Railway authorities to consider a pedestrian over bridge / BMTC to extend the Volvo Buses to the other side of the new Over Bridge / and to provide more electric lighting at Kadugodi Railway Station area.

Kadugodi rly scene.jpg

Jnana fellowship


If any of the Praja want to take a sabbatical from their current jobs and serve as a consultant to a government department, this might be an interesting opportunity. I am reproducing verbatim an email I received.

Sankey Road Trees Chopped-off overnight after a secret auction


Sadly and expectedly BBMP has gone ahead and done what its best at. It has in a unilateral, self-serving, authoritarian manner chopped off 17 of the 19 beautiful trees on Sankey Road starting as early as 1:30 am on Friday morning before a stay could be obtained on the remaining 2 trees by 6pm.

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