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2011 census - Karnataka population data


Vinay mailed these over, provisional data on Karnataka from 2011 Census. Thought it would be worth sharing at this data hungry portal.

Somethings that caught my eye

  • Population density of Bangalore district, 2001: 2985, NOW? 4378

Any correlation here?

Towards more professionalism in governance


While the number of persons paying online may have doubled this year - from 32,000 to 71,000 - many more may have logged on, and then logged off in frustration. Property owners in several parts of the city were in for a shock, when the computer refused to accept their payment, saying they had not paid the previous year’s tax.

Bus Stop design

BusPublic Transport

DULT is on the lookout for suggestions on bus stop (shelter) design to suggest to relevant authorities. So please post as comments to this post & suggest what you wuld like to see in a bus stop shelter & also what additional features should a bus stop shelter have that will make it an attractive place.

A world-class research centre cannot come up in a governmental set up?

"There is hardly any worthwhile research from our IITs. The faculty in the IIT is not world class. It is the students in IITs who are world class.

Trip Number : BMTC or any city transport

BusPublic Transport

This is not new thing or research. But I am sure if a trip number is mentioned in display board it will help public. I propose to bmtc to include trip numbers in display boads. 

Example: For bus number 378 Kengeri to Electronic City, 

Bengaluru Commuter Rail Service can be profitable within a year!

Any public service entity would attract a microscopic view of its financial viability. Given the poor performance of many state run transport services and even Delhi Metro, it is not unexpected for somebody to question the financial viability of proposed Bengaluru Commuter Rail Service (CRS), aka Namma Railu.

(Auto)mobile hotels

Urban Development

While we are all ok with such shops, as they provide quick solutions to auto/cab/bus drivers I am just wondering

a) Are valid license holders to do the business?

b) Is their vehicle authorized to use for such purposes (which shows white number plate)?

c) Does the RTO rules permit usage of private vehicles for business use?

d) Do the business owner pay taxes?

Manual ped signals

InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

I appriciate this facility by BTP/B-TRAC. This switch enables pedistrians to intervene automatic signal so that a green signal is forced for road crossing. As this seems relatively new, no one seems using it. Probably some volunteering work needed to educate users. We need more such signals at highways.

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