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Madiwala Bus Stop

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 I saw 2 months back, Madiwala police station bus stop has been relocated to madiwala market with a better infrastructure. What I mean is there is a laybye for buses to stop , at least 3 buses at a time. It was also tarred, I guess at least with cost of 10 lakhs. It had also a footpath-cum-waiting place for passengers.

Last week, thats gone. Some other authority took out all of it. Started work for new road. So now public suffering from 2 disadvantages. One - madiwala bus stop relocated , two -  there is no place for buses to stop. Its bad. uh !

Again, no notification, no schedules, no target completion date, no alternative !!!


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Madivala - New Rd ?

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Started work for new road

Is this a completely new road or is it an existing road being tarred ? Photo/s might help understand the problem better.

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New Road which was earlier part of market

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 This is a new road. I am referring to the new road which is left lane ( Police Grounds Side) Earlier it was partially  used by street vendors of Madiwala market. Sorry I do not have picture. 

By the way, what public are expecting is just information. I was imagining (not a matured thinking though)  a signboard could have informed a common man. An hypothetical sample like this :


Date : xx-xxx-xxxx

Agency : BBMP

What : BMTC Bus Stop relocation

Why : To facilitate a new road construction 

When: From xx-xx-xxxx bus stop  being relocated to 0.5KM backwards in the same road.Relocation is permanent

Who : BBMP via contractor M/s xxxxx Ltd.

Your action required : Please use new stop and pass on this information to others

Further info : Call xxxx or visit



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