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Customer facing staff of BMTC

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Observation :Now I am using BMTC services almost daily (Mostly route 378) and getting a feel of the BMTC customer facing staff and their attitudes and langauges. I observed at least 25% conductors use rude language by default. What I mean by default is usage of poor language without any provocation by commuter's behavior or age or gender. And around 50% of conductors use singular words for any commuters irrespective of their age and other parameters. 
Few types of such instances though we understand huge rush and work pressure may be reason behind:
a) Conductors using bad language to commuter without provocation (For examaple : ಹೋಗಯ್ಯ instead of ಹೋಗಿ)
b) Drivers using bad language to commuters who board in front door, specially during rush.
c) Drivers using bad language to drivers of oncoming/overtaking vehicles
d) Drivers/Conductor using bad language during a conflict/confrontation. 
We know this may be because of the BMTC conductor's past bad experience and their educational/cultural backgrounds. But an effort has to be initiated to improve. For commuter, its conductor/driver and bus is BMTC, none other :)
Solution Approach :
a) Training : If already existing its good, but should be more thourough.
b) Creation of Incident Handling Procedures and Documentation for staff for following (and more?) scenarios
      - If conductor does not have change
      - If the bus has technical problems and hence moving slow or not updto expectations
      - If a commuter is caught by conductor for cheating
      - If anti-social elements board the bus and found to create threat/theft situation
      - If drunk commuter boards the bus
      - If a commuter refuses to vacate seat for ladies/senior citizen/differently abled
      - If non-Kannada commuter boards bus and has language trouble
      - If a commuter indulges in unruly activity such as smoking/pan parag/ eve teasing etc
      - Any other
c) If possible, creation of support team who can rush to spot to help on-the-ground staff (Similar to Sarathi or along with Sarathi)
Too theoritical ?!


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We need call centre and paintings / announcements about number

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We need a call centre which handles this grevience mechanism. Phone number of call centre changes quite frequently. This should be painted in bus stops and within the buses. Even electronic display and announcement since most of the new buses comes with GPS and announcement system.

Drivers and Conductors behave as if they are offering free service to us despite being charged highest in the country. comment guidelines

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