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Roads, streets, footpaths - design to implementation Resource hub

Hi! Thought we could collect, categorise, print and hand over every resource that details good practice with regards road / pedestrian infrastructure to our authorities. Lets not leave them with any excuse for executing yet annother bad job.

I know we have our IRC stuff floating about, but I find their work somehow falls short (and why wont they let people download stuff - they are limiting their ability of empowering citizens with this crazy policy).

Manual for streets: Manual for Streets provides guidance for practitioners involved in the planning, design, provision and approval of new residential streets, and modifications to existing ones. It aims to increase the quality of life through good design which creates more people-orientated streets.

Manual for streets: evidence & research The Manual for Streets has updated geometric guidelines for low trafficked residential streets, examined the effect of the environment on road user behaviour, and drawn on practice in other countries. This research undertaken by Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) provides the evidence base upon which the revised geometric guidelines in the Manual for Streets are based, including link widths, forward visibility, visibility splays and junction spacing.

Design Manual for Roads and Bridges:

(Please Note: An Alpha Numeric Index for the entire DMRB can be found in Volume 0 Section 1 Part 1)


Volume 0Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4Volume 5Volume 6Volume 7Volume 8Volume 9Volume 10Volume 11Volume 12Volume 13Volume 14Volume 15
DMRB Table of Contents
Introduction and General Requirements
Highway Structures: Approval Procedures and General Design
Highway Structures: Design (Substructures & Special Substructures), Materials
Highway Structures: Inspection & Maintenance
Geotechnics & Drainage
Assessment & Preparation of Road Schemes
Road Geometry
Pavement Design & Maintenance
Traffic Signs & Lighting
Traffic Control & Communications
Environmental Design
Environmental Assessment
Traffic Appraisal of Road Schemes
Economic Assessment of Road Schemes
Economic Assessment of Road Maintenance
Economic Assessment of Road Schemes in Scotland

THE DESIGN OF STREETS WITH OLDER PEOPLE IN MIND - Materials of footways and footpaths:

Road Marking Guide used in UK. Because all rules and similar, we can use the principles on our roads as well.

Traffic Signs Manual used in UK - gives exact details of where and how to place the signs.

This link is related to above but focuses on warning signs.

A document showing how correct placement of signals can help stop people stopping beyond the stop line.

A link to proposed pavement, parking and licensed hawkers scheme – click here

Pavements are important for ensuring mobility; this compilation shows how a footpath should never lose its identity.

Pedestrian Safety during road works - an example

ANOTHER COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE FROM NORTHSHORE CITY, NZ (I checked the pedestrian design - again 5 feet wide minimum standard with good detail on gradients et al) - more below

Infrastructure Design Standards
Expand Section 1 - General Provisions
Expand Section 2 - Geotechnical
Collapse Section 3 - Transportation
3.1 Scope
Expand 3.2 Performance Criteria
Expand 3.3 Carriageway Design standards
Expand 3.4 Traffic Control
Expand 3.5 Signage
Expand 3.6 Roadmarking
Collapse 3.7 Footpaths
Expand 3.7.1 Footpath Design
Expand 3.7.2 Pram Crossings
Expand 3.7.3 Steps and Handrails
Collapse 3.7.4 Pedestrian Accessways Location Design Security Lighting Pedestrian Bridges/Subways
Expand 3.7.5 Footpath Construction
Expand 3.8 Vehicle Crossings
Expand 3.9 Pavement Design
Expand 3.10 Construction
3.11 Resealing Policy for Existing Roads
Expand 3.12 Stormwater Disposal For Roadways
Expand 3.13 Landscaping / Trees / Street furniture
Expand 3.14 Bridges, Culverts And Retaining Walls
3.15 Street Lighting
Expand 3.16 Utility Services
3.17 Trench Reinstatement
Expand 3.18 Road Safety Audits
3.19 Defects Liability Period
3.20 Supply of As-Built Information
3.21 Over dimension route maps
Expand Exterior Lighting
Expand Street Name Blade Signs
Expand Section 4 - Stormwater
Expand Section 5 - Water Supply
Expand Section 6 - Wastewater
Expand Section 7 - Parks and Reserves
Expand Section 8 - Drawings
Expand IDSM 2006 - Printable sections
Glossary & Abbreviations

Hope others can add to this list anything they have come across.

Anyone ready to take on the task of categorising / printing (look for links within the above links).


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More good practice resources

External environments fact sheets

These are pretty good, very useful.

 More links -


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wonderful doc!

Need about 4-5 volunteers to help "adapt" this type of info for Bangalore/Pune etc (Indian cities, with our 'environment' and 'constraints') and put them up on "gyan" ( - still in the works). Pure online work, fit for remote people who want to do and help more!
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More good links

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Street design standardisation

Would contribute to this. This needs a comprehensive study but we can get the thinking started. Has been one of my favourites to do for a long time.

 We need to start with a 'use case' approach. I am picking up this terminology from the IT folks, who use it for requirements gathering, for eg: to design web pages.

 The use case for roads is far more than vehicles plying. It should incorporate in addition to vehicles, bycyclists, pedestrians, crossing, turning lanes, trees, street lights, hawkers (yes hawkers, I strongly feel that hawking spaces should be incorporated in the design for better economic inclusiviness), electric poles, transformers, bus stops, parking .. this list is not exhaustive, but this should be the starting point.

 At some point, I will make a presentation and you(all) can comment, so that it serves as a framework.




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utility ducts?

your pointers are really neat..also wanted to know if there is anything for utility ducts below the road..ones which can carry cables in them etc..

blr faces severe problems due to shoddy work from bsnl and other telecom companies digging up the road frequesntly..and whoever digs the deepest will invariably damage cables and other utlity lines on the way!

Also ducting will provide organized anyone planning a magic underpass will not be bothered about stray optic fibre cable which when cut will leave about 1000 ppl jobless for sometime!

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Geomteric street design standards - a framework

This is a nice attempt to get some design into our streets. However, I feel we need to have a comprehensive look, otherwise it becomes another piecemeal approach. We take care of our footpaths, and then we have hawkers encroaching or a transformer inbetween etc. Hence I have created a small document, whose idea is to give a framework for road design. It is at I do hope you get to see it and would be very interested in your comments



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Need a scientifc approach

Suhas, Thanks for this. No doubt we need a objective approach. Much can be done in a step wise manner. ASJ
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Roads - WG teleconference ?

Thanks ASJ, Let us have a tele call on how to proceed next. I will set up the call next week. How about Tuesday 7:30 pm ? Or let me know what times work for you



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Need more Praja Members for this

Suhas, I am based in UK. Prefer working / collaborating via email. What may be useful is to get more Praja members who can actually also meet up. I am also going to ask some associates in Pune to work on this and together do some joint work. Any more takers on this one? ASJ
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Roads - lets get started

Asj, I was thinking tele conference offers a good step between actually meeting up and blogging. At some stage, we need to move up from blogging to get something concrete done. I believe we can get a lot done by tele conference, without having the hassle of wasting time on transport. Am willing to drive this, if there are more members available to spend some time. Asj, meanwhile should we start with a call just to understand each others perspectives.



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Principles first approach

Suhas, I am open to a tele call and have sent you a private message. In the meantime to set the ball rolling, to complement your document, I wish that certain basic principles and values are respected. Some I can think of - 1) Humans (pedestrians first) - much in keeping with the Penelosa idea of building cities for people and not vehicles. 2) Safety first - no plan which compromises safety is good. 3) Equality - no plan that discriminates against disabled is good. 4) Cost-effectiveness: why do a by pass if asprin will work, this principle is to ensure waste of money of mega projects for the sake of it. Others may add. I am keen on starting with footpaths, the Cinderella of our road infrastructure. ASJ comment guidelines

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