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FM Cariappa Road

Ok, before we make suggestions, we need to be very explicit about what we understand about the road. Since, sri is the local malla complete with a high flung jeTTi and spread out rhetorical stance and all*, we start with what he said about this road. We keep in mind that beyond his generic description, which nevertheless gives us a feel for the road, we need explicit and detailed details. Srivatsa said:

Residency Road is a good candidate. Inspite of being made a one-way, traffic crawls. People jump lights at Cash Pharmacy as though they are colour blind (BMTC buses lead the way). It is a school zone and children need to cross the roads there without risk to life and limb. It is wide enough between Cash Pharmacy and Ashirvadam Circle to allow smooth flow. It then narrows near Imperial and then narrows down all the way till Mayo Hall. Lots of chaos at Mayo Hall due to Metro construction as well.
then, blrsri asked a poignant question:
..and why we have a signal on the richmond road flyover? Its because children of the 'cream of our society' need cars/vans waiting for them outside their schools. And these so called institutions which nurture the future generations, encourage violations all around them! This is infornt of Bishop Cottons is a designated 2 wheeler parking area that is totally encroached by long parking school vans and cars! This scenario on the road is repeated further that road infront of another reputed school/college!
ok, blrsri's point is important. but getting all these sundry schools to agree to help make parking space for vehicles within their own campuses is going to be a long drawn and complicated process. So for practical purposes let us assume that one lane on this road is going to be dedicated for parking. Our task is to see how to make this one way road work.
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Local malla?


 Where did that come from?  What rhetorical stance? :). 

The signal on the flyover is not completely because of the schools but because of our hare-brained approach to traffic planning.

Initially Richmond Road and Residency Road were two ways.  Then in about 1999 they started the construction of the flyover.  The original design was to have traffic ascend from both Double Road and Mission Road and descend into Res. and Rich. Road.  As an aside, it created misery and chaos for the people living and working around richmond circle. 

Then in about 2004 or so, they started the various one-ways and they converted Richmond Road and Residency Road to one-ways.  What do with the flyover?  One option would have been to have traffic from Richmond Road descend into Double Road and traffic from Mission Road descend into Residency Road.  That would have probably created a mess at Double Road (near Olympic sports as one more lane of traffic would have been added). So voila - scissor flyover and hence the need for a cop.









Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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why one ways now?

As I can remember, the biggest reason for the one ways which inturn led to signal on the flyover was the schools..

"Travelling distance may get longer, but the ride will be hassle-free. That’s what the traffic police say, as they gear up for the new one-way regulations on Richmond Road, Residency Road and surrounding areas from Saturday, December 11. These are the areas where a large number of schools and commercial establishments are located." - TOI 10th Dec 2004

Again on sept 01 2008, from TOI:

Principal of Bishop Cotton’s Girls School, Princess Franklyn, said, “We have six BMTC buses plying from various parts of the city and even from far off places to bring children safely to school. Many parents now do not come to drop their children which reduces the chaos in front of the school. Now only a few use private vehicles to commute.” But when asked if the problem of jammed roads has been solved completely, she said there still are hordes of vehicles parked right opposite the main school gate on Richmond road.

“We have not been able to keep a check on the private vans and autorickshaws that come to drop the children. It is mostly due to them that there are traffic jams during peak hours.

This is self admission that the jams are due to the schools! And just 6 busses ? shouldnt every child come by bus? isnt that better than the rickety autos? are the parents scared of BMTC reputation of knocking people down regularly?


However the other big reason was the then old that it has been shifted. We need to seriously relook at the traffic numbers now..and probably turn back some of the one ways into both ways!


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Schools create jams for a limited time


Schools create chaos once at 8:00 and once at 4:00. ( I agree with you that more kids should go by bus, etc.  But that is a matter of individual choice.  Schools need to allow cars inside.  I also think that the road is broad enough to allow cars to drop off kids without adding to the congestion). That can't be the sole reason for the one-way rule.  Richmond Road has just two schools on it and is still a mess. 

Richmond road and Residency Roads are arterial roads and carry most of the traffic from East to West Bangalore (along with MG Road).   All buses from Indiranagar and Ulsoor and Marathahalli and KR Puram to Majestic and Market use them.

The two roads also suffer from the common ailment - varying road widths.  E.g. there are some 6 waiting lanes (converted to about 10 by waiting traffic) at Cash Pharmacy trying to merge into 4 receiving lanes.

Too many structural and operational issues to cleanly say - Schools.



Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Pateince is truly a virtue

Its not impossible to drop your child of at school, and not have a tarffic jam. With the amount of media attention on accidents of School vehicles, parents have every right to feel insecure about Autos/Private vans. 
We could for a start Ban Parking outside B'lore Club and until Cash Pharmacy Junc. during these drop of and pick up times.
Create a new lane for drop of  children. Now The problem is parents wont follow thislane, they will double/triple/quadraple park to drop thier kids off. If they pateintly formed a que to park and drove away one by one it would be a lot easier. A few strick cops and a lane seperator would help.
What we also need is a few magic boxes not isolated ones on the road. Have a Magic Box at Cash Pharmacy Jucnt. FM Cariappa Bhavan Junction and one at Brigade Road Junction. A total investment of 10 - 12 crores - easily redeemable by adveritisin. 
Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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School has to let vehicles into compound

The school can easily build a parking lot under their playground/school area and allow parking, stopping everything there.

Underground is expensive? fine build it at surface level and teach parents how to drive slow within premises, where to stop properly and children how to cross roads etc.Build a traffic infrastructure within the compound. Saftey in traffic starts there.

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Sri's Take On PedXing on FMC Rd

sri's take on ped xing on FMC Rd. reference
Time to put in my idea. Pedestrian refuge-cum-traffic streamliner. Idea is that on such busy roads with 4-5 lanes, it is next to impossible to cross a road unless you are Usain Bolt. The 4-5 lanes usually becomes 8-9 lanes of actual vehicles. My idea is to put in pedestrian refuges along each lane so that pedestrians can hop from island to island and negotiate only 8 ft or so at a time. This also constrains vehicles to move in lanes. Srivathsa
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Sri, you have a good idea. In fact, when widening roads, we should have islands but dividers for each lane. This way pedestrian gets a island and traffic gets streamlined.

Interestingly. TS, w.r.t drawing, there is a pedestrian bridge about 2 mts away. But Not a soul uses it. Too much effort, easier to skip across the road. What we need is an elevater/escalator for such bridges.

Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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escalator or slope

Instead of expensive escalators which will be a maintenance nightmare we could contemplate a graded slope for climbing up or coming down. This will also be wheelchair friendly. To prevent the slope from starting very far off or being too steep we can bend it around with a few landings like hairpin bends so the surface area it occupies remains reasonably close to what stairs would occupy. I thought I saw such a thing in New Delhi somewhere on the ring road. They are a common feature in most railway stations these days (Yeswantpur etc) except they dont bend around and thus start very far off in a single incline. 
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IDontSpam -

Slopes take up more real estate, which means more pavement gone! Escalator would take up a lot less space.

You see with the location, prime location, advertising revenue would easily cover the cost of implemtation and maintainence.

These plans are lying in BBMPs office. Fuly PPP - no investment required. WHen they plan to implement them I have no clue!

Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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local malla

sri, if you observe there is a * after 'all'. meant to be a footnote. wrote a long drawn footnote complete with references to samurai and ronin and warrior code and chivalry and all. as you can imagine went majorly on tangent so, deleted it. suffice it to say that is a complement. malla is a good thing. much better than dada. :)
 hmm!! i am beginning to hate escalators. inefficient solution. overkill for the problem, worse very sensitive to power availability, not at all robust. not even the best amongst all known solutions. 
so how does the road pan out? on the west side, at the mouth of sirsi circle flyover it starts with 4 lanes. what happens next beyond cash pharmacy etc?
need maps, i looked up ESG website could not find maps. 
Arun, if you are reading this, are there any maps/drawings?
Cant remember which school but some sister from one of this school is on press saying no can do about letting vehicles in. but that will solve a lot of the problems. some how need to convince the schools to do this.
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this should not be difficult..

Analyzing this area which I pass thru every day..we already have few things in place..there is a elevated walkway for pedestrians which is a good thing.

what we can do is vacate the van/car parking and turn the place into a bus bay which will avoid the unruly parking 'in the middle' of BMTC busses and this is also useful to passengers..

It should be heaven after that!

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Not so soon Blr Sri

Heaven is not as easy as that :).  There are buses coming down the flyover as well from jayanagar, etc and they have to take a sharp left to join the bus line.  They are the ones that add one extra lane to the bus stop.  Should they be forced to go under the flyover and join the road from the left?


Cars also tend to stop on the extreme right lane (Devatha Plaza complex).  Even one car standing (even with hazard lights on:)) renders that lane unusable. 

Moving on - this stretch is pure hell - Cash Pharmacy junction.  There are offices on the right + Konark.  Cars that want to take a right turn don't stay extreme right because of projecting manhole covers.  There is parking on the left (near Kyber?, Corporation building as well). 

Then more parking on the left past Joesph's college. The extreme right lane should be the one used for parking as vehicles don't use that lane much. That extreme right lane is useless as vehicles using that will have to cut left to join the stretch infront of Imperial talkies.

That brings us to the unholiest mess of them all.  Autos on the left waiting for girakis from Brigade Road.  Then the really narrow stretch from New Opera till Mayo Hall.





Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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more violations

This is on vittal mallya road, infront of Baldwin girls school..the vans are always parked there..

I saw a situation today in the afternoon when there was a person who was getting a ticket for wrong parking from the cops complaining about the vans always parked there..through the day!

also most of the vans look so old that they would have bribed thru the FC process.. 


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My two pennies worth

Fascinating stuff. I must admit, I have no knowledge what so ever of the road/flyover. And hence posting this with the risk of being completely wrong on this one. I have tried my best to understand everything said above by using google earth, but please feel free to correct me. Here goes -

  1. The flyover is bifid at both its ends.
  2. Its 1.5 as TS has pointed out elsewhere, hence its worth the authorities mull over how they could create a hard shoulder of a kind and streamline it.
  3. The under-passes on either side are wide enough at certain points to have even 3 lanes. I have pointed out on the entropy post, the lanes can be 2.5m wide (2.7 preferrable).
  4. The buses - one solution is to not let them run on the flyover and let them use the underpasses. Why are they doing atop anyway? Its not possible to have bus stops on top on such a long flyover.
  5. But lets assume, we want to run express buses zooming along the elevated stretch moving briskly towards cash pharmacy.
  6. Now the foot bridge as I can make out is not seen in the pics above, but as per the google earth image, I note is towards cash pahrmacy. Forget escalators, lifts, ramps - even the foot-bridge is an overkill (totally agree with these not being the solution as pointed by TS, plus its useless for elderly and disabled).

So what is the solution. I am expanding on some points made above already. For this I have taken the liberty to abuse the above picture further (copyright holder, please forgive).

Now here are some steps I am likely to take -

  1. I will start with the basic premise of making the roads safe for all, pedestrians included. I note the problem is that a huge effort has been made by building this flyover to satisfy vehicle drivers alone. The goal seems to have been to try and get the traffic to move non-stop. This is a myth of a kind amongst our planners, because they only contribute to chaos further down at junctions such as cash pharmacy and beyond by sending a relentless stream of vehicles towards it.
  2. To correct the above, I will first remove the railings (red circle) and restore the exit point of the flyover to its original state.
  3. Next I will convert the flyover in to a single file of traffic (needs some thinking - but something similar to a hard shoulder is an option).
  4. Then I will re-do the line markings on the road beyond the flyover and the underpasses - 2.5 to 2.7 meter width of each lane.
  5. I will insert traffic lights at the 3 orange circles to control flow of traffic from each of the streams. This is vital because, in turns they can switch more smoothly in to left lane approaching cash pahrmacy. This makes it damn easy for buses too. Signals can be vehicle actuated rather than timer actuated to give priority to the stream with most inflow.
  6. Traffic lights above automatically renders to pedestrian safety. As each stream in cycles is blocked, two CREAM coloured pedestrian refuges will suffice.
  7. By optimising lane width, we create options to use the road width optimally. The brownish triangular area to the left bottom of the picture can become a parking space (paid parking, allowed for 20 minutes at a time or perhaps only a drop-off/pick up point or a rickshaw stand - anything that is felt useful can go here).
  8. I will remove the extra width of the badly done footpath on the right (red triangualr area). This then can make way for a bus bay.


PS: If this works, and the footbridge is wide enough I will convert it in to a hawking zone (why waste it).

Any movement on getting the above to authorities? comment guidelines

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