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November 2007

Bangalore Metro - Suggestions invited!!?

Came across this and it is one good chance to provide our ideas!

Bangalore CTTP for you!

Ever since we have heard about CTTP for Bangalore, we have always wanted to get our hands on it. We have been anticipating its release and have been grabbing the tidbits that were floating around.

But now Ladies and Gentlemen, the wait is over. We, the ever resourceful admins of Praja have been able to get our hands on the full copy and for your convenience have it posted here.

You can start by reading an executive summary here. Once you click on the link, you will see a new menu on your right hand side that links to each of the chapters of the CTTP. It is structured like a book so you can also use the links below each page to navigate.

Now, wear your thinking caps and start analysing the plan.

The BTM Ring Road Traffic Mess

The Ring Road from Jayadeva Junction to Silkboard is always clogged and even the police seem to have given up on bringing a semblance of order on this very important stretch. The first part from Jaydeva to 16th main has no intersections and the main blockages are due to the bus stops and indiscriminate parking -- which needs to be banned.

BMRC's Response to RTI Letter

Metro Rail
Hi All ! BMRC has responded to my RTI queries(See comment below). It is clear that they have squarely made the Urban development dept in-charge of the more serious issues raised in the letter. As they have stated, suggestions made in the CTTP will be followed, subject to govt's approval. Metro Phase-2 is planned from Whitefield to Indiranagar & EC to Yelahanka.

OMR jam's

The OMR users will face the benniganhalli RUB bottle neck every day. The reason is the RUB is a two lane bridge which caters to a 6 lane traffic! This leads to a miniumum of 30-40 min of clutch banging session and after that people have to endear another jam on the ORR below the cable stayed bridge because of a truck break down. At the RUB, the cops have implmented innovative traffic handling where they stop traffic on one side for 20 min to let the other side use the bridge..this is not done regulary so we end up in a jam most days.. Is there any plans of upgrading this bridge? comment guidelines

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