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November 2007

CTTP Bangalore - Still some weaknesses

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Whilst this is obviously an elaborate study, the recommendations for Mass Transit systems still raises a few questions :

Following sarkaari projects


How would you like the ability to watch and follow all work that our local governments do? All concerned citizens want it. A lot of work needs to happen though to make such a thing possible. Fancy websites for bodies like BBMP and BMRC are only the face, there need to be internal government systems to store and expose the information about their workings. And then you need easy to use tools that sarkaari babus and engineers would use to enter information into these systems.

Forget the technicalities for a moment. What we want is this. Tender gets floated for a work, we see it. We should then see all the bids, and the winner. And then on, the status and progress of work. Last, after the work gets completed, the details of how it was signed off as completed or successful.

Quick Fix Grade Separators

Anybody know more about this? Quick-fix solutions for traffic snarls (ToI)

Quick-fix solutions for traffic snarls! Quick?

TIMES NEWS NETWORK Bangalore: The BBMP’s Rs 1-crore underpass project will move from the casting yard to on-site locations next week. Excavation work and other preparations like shifting utilities on the stretch between Windsor Manor and Hebbal flyover will begin from Monday.

Less Cars More Kids In The Streets

A presentation on urban transport by Lloyd Wright of STUP. please see the embedded slide show below or see this page. comment guidelines

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