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The BTM Ring Road Traffic Mess

The Ring Road from Jayadeva Junction to Silkboard is always clogged and even the police seem to have given up on bringing a semblance of order on this very important stretch. The first part from Jaydeva to 16th main has no intersections and the main blockages are due to the bus stops and indiscriminate parking -- which needs to be banned. Also the footpath - which is a luxurious 20 - 30 feet is completely encroached by the shopkeepers -- which could be cleared and space for the road increased. Near 16th main petrol bunk, parking is allowed for A2B hotel -- which is outrageous and total chaos reigns near the bunk as vehicle goeers are allowed to occupy the entire width irrespective of whether they are going straight or turning left. From 16th main to Silkboard -- the road has intersections at 29th main, 32nd main, 35th main and 38th main -- which is ridiculous (considering the first half has no intersections). This increases the chaos and slows down straight going vehicles. Its high time, the intersections at 32nd / 35th / 38th cross was closed to improve the flow of traffic from 16th main to silkboard. At 32nd main -- the road hump can be removed and traffic flow can become smoother by also removing the encroachment by the chicken shop. Buses to & fro BTM Bus Stand can turn into 29th main and get into the BTM Bus Stand. I have approached the BTM & Madivala Traffic police for this but both of them turned a blind eye towards this simple solution.
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Simple solution for a perennial problem

The solutions suggested are quite simple and easy to implement. However they are never put into use because of 'business interests' hijacking the administrative machinery. I think this problem must brought to the attention of higher officers in the BBMP and Bangalore Traffic Police. Greater media attention could also help.
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traffic police

hi namma nadu, what did the traffic police say? let us see, nodoNa, or enu maaDak aagalla saar? eastern ORR lots of problems.
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shifting responsibility

The road (unfortunately) is (split) under the jurisdiction of madivala police station and BTM Layout police station -- and hence neither was willing to even consider it. A good cop actually told me to approach the DCP Traffic - South as he is more 'amenable' and 'approachable'. I went to the Jayanagar station twice but could not meet him and gave up. Any ideas on how / who i should meet or take it up with ? How i wish we had a IG - Traffic who could be a 'SPOC' for this.
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shall we all try the online complaint thing?

There is a page on Bangalore Traffic Police website where you can file complaints. How about we all write in our pain and suggestions there? If a few of us write, good chances of getting replies.
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giving it a shot.

I have logged in and complained and hope more folks will join in. Lets give it a shot -- wonder how we can follow up ! any suggestions ?
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Complaint posted

I posted a complaint too. Let's see. I sent it to JP Nagar police station. Srivathsa

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