BMTC-RTI Meeting Minutes and updates

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Public Transport

Meeting minutes - April 25, 2009

Participants - rithesh, kbsyed61

Points/Action Items-

  1. To compile the feedback and suggestions posted on Praja - Syed by Monday
  2. To have the Survey form online - By next weekend - All
  3. Email to BMTC with compiled list and get their feedback on the survey form - Ritesh after the list is recd from Syed.
  4. To fix a Skype meeting with BMTC to strategize the publicity plans - Ritesh to send the email to BMTC
  5. To get in touch with the concerned person at BMTC to get data (RTI queries) - Rithesh. - DONE


Meeting minutes - April 12, 2009

Participants - rithesh, sudheendra, kbsyed61

Points of Discussion-

  1. Sudheendra apprised us about his efforts to talk to ITPL to procure their Arena/Mall for Open house campaign for BMTC's volvo service. Typically ITPL charges about 10-15k for one day for its Arena. Same rate goes for Mall area for a kiosk. Both Ritesh and Sudheendra would talk to ITPL and try to get for no charge as a public service campaign.
  2. Ritesh gave an update from got from BMTC regarding their work on maps and brochures. These should be ready before we can start any of our campaigns.
  3. Meanwhile, we would work on getting some survey done from ITPL population. It was suggested to try with an electronic vote campaign on Praja and as well as passing the paper based questioner to all the ITPL based companies.
  4. Feedback on daily commute on Volvo service was discussed. Sudheendra uses Volvo for daily commute to ITPL.
  5. There was also discussion on joining efforts with SB, RKM and others for a BIG10/Volvo day out campaign. Dates are yet to be fixed.

Action Items -

  1. Preparing a draft questioner about use of volvo service - Syed
  2. Posting real time experience with Volvo ride. - Sudheendra
  3. Talking to ITPL for Campaigning at ITPL premises - Ritesh, Sudheendra
  4. Procure the info on all the ITPL companies for distributing the Questioner - Ritesh, Sudheendra


Meeting minutes - March 22, 2009

Participants - manjari, ritesh, kbsyed61

Points of dicussion:

  1. Manjari summarized this week's progress including meeting with prof Mahesh.
  2. BMTC Administrative report for 2006-07 was discussed. Felt the need for 2007-08 report.
  3. RTI Info spreadsheet was reviewed

 To Do List:

  1. Arrange/Finalize the meeting with Mithila  of BMTC - ritesh
  2. Arrange a meeting with Prof. Ashwin Mahesh for working out the modalities for Praja's help - ritesh
  3. To review the BMTC administrative report and compare it with the RTI info spreadsheet - Manjari
  4. To review some of the presentations on BMTC available on Praja - Manjari
  5. To review the TTMC plans and come up with the questions list to be asked to BMTC/BMLTA - kbsyed61 comment guidelines

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