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October 2010

Non-shopping malls


One fine day, my teacher and I were discussing the mushrooming malls in the city of Bangalore. Here is an extract of the conversation-

Spit and Pee in Public - Civic Sense of Bengaluru!

"Spit and pee in public, flyovers are more important". Yes, this is the title of the interesting article published in "Citizen Matters" by Vaishnavi Vittal.

A dirty business in schools

It is preposterous to see the long queues outside schools in Bangalore. These fine men and women are here for their kids admission into pre-primary sections. This school will demand lakhs of donation, and these parents will readily pay it! Some schools even demand minimum qualification of parents for admitting their wards. On what basis are they authorized to do so?

Replicating the real world…

It is a fact, that the virtual world is a replica of the real world. Atleast it tries to be one! I’ll prove my point with a simple example. Searching, is one of the primary tasks in Information Management. Let’s assume your friend is in a train compartment and you have to find him out. What are the ways possible? comment guidelines

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