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Sign online petition to save Lalbagh from Metro

Dear all

For your kind information and necessary action from -

Pictures of the protests are on flickr:

I-petition of esg.india is online - trying to save lalbagh greenery -  can be accessed at :

Let us do it.

-Vasanth Mysoremath

silkboard's picture

alright, thats a real local petition

Good to see activists use online petitions (they usually don't like things that are not on-ground). Let us techs build a place for local petitions right here on Praja. Its time.

But one thing - how do we moderate or control the petitions. There may be a flood of these, diminishing their value. If we do a petition, its should be for a sensible or popular but very local issue. Possibilities

  • Only people with > a number of points can create petitions
  • Techs/admins create petitions for anyone on request.
  • Or, allow petitions only inside a "project". A petition not attached to an active project should be deleted by moderators.

Help us out folks. Let us build a petition feature here. Technology part is ready, need to figure how to set it up for impactful usage.

Vasanthkumar Mysoremath's picture

Admin can moderate - ipetition creation made easy -


Creation of petitions have also been made easy.  Log on to: and start creating ipetition.

Back end operation/moderators/Admin can ensure that all petitions

are properly screened.   Hope this will help.

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