Meeting with BWSSB PRO

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28 Aug 2010 15:00

 We're meeting with Mr. Prahlad Rao, PRO (BWSSB) tomorrow to discuss the Bangalore Water Index.

Details as under: 

Time - 3:00pm

Date - Saturday, 28th August

Venue - BWSSB, 5th floor, Cauvery Bhavan, K.G. Road, Bangalore

Leave a note/call me if you'd like to come along. Or meet us there.




BangaloreWaterIndexProposaltoBWSSB.pdf357.1 KB


All the best Neha!

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All the best for the upcoming meeting with BWSSB.


Smooth sailing.

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Manjari and I reached the BWSSB office 15 minutes early, and were ushered in to meet the PRO immediately (I know, I was pleasantly surprised too!). 

Talked about Praja and the water index, and walked Mr. Rao through the BWI proposal (attached).  Won't repeat the details here, the presentation should give you a fair idea of our discussion.

The meeting went well. Mr. Rao was very willing to work with Praja, and was particularly enthusiastic about spreading awareness through the index, crowdsourcing information, and  popularising a monthly 'Water Day' along the lines of the BMTC Bus Day. 

Mr. Rao also helped set up a meeting for 3:00 pm Thursday with the BWSSB Chairman to discuss how we take this engagement forward.

Action Items for Thursday:

(1) Hard Copy of BWI Proposal - Neha

(2) Hard Copy + Soft Copies of index parameters, inquiry form - Neha, Manjari

Wow !

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Good going - & this project appears be "back on it's feet", so to speak.

All the best for thursday.