Namma Railu ( Metro ) could have a run for its money

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Report from The Hindu:

Operation of commuter rail on the existing rail network surrounding Bangalore, a long-pending demand, could become a reality soon with the State Government agreeing to fund the acquisition of rail rakes by the Railways.

Congested roads

It has been the demand of commuters, government and non-governmental agencies, trade associations and web communities to run diesel multiple units (DMU) or electrical multiple units (EMU) on the existing rail network to beat the traffic gridlocks on Bangalore's congested roads.

Though the Railways initially did not evince much interest, it later came forward to operate these services if the State Government funds acquisition of DMU/EMU rakes.

Sudhanshu Mani, Divisional Railway Manager, South Western Railway's (SWR) Bangalore Division, told The Hindu though a majority of the lines around Bangalore have already reached saturation stage, the SWR is open to operating commuter rail services if the State Government provides rakes.

About our Meeting

During the meeting convened by DULT, the SWR representative agreed to consider operation of commuter rail on six routes and also to examine another route proposed by an NGO, Praja, to operate services between Bangarpet and Kengeri by extending the existing Bangarpet-Bangalore City service.


Finally State, SWR have come forward to start the services and this will be big step on commuter rail for Bangalore.  Efforts of so many people have helped  in coming to this stage & now we should ensure that  things are  done properly and at the earliest without much compromise.

Final aim is to get the SPV  setting up for Commuter rail with Dedicated Tracks similar to Mumbai in the long run.

Once the services start,  this should help to beat certain extent the traffic  problems of Bangalore  and fuel hike with BMTC fares going up,  should force  citizens to change to Commuter Rail.



Set up commuter rail corridor / Letter from Tumkur MP to PM

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G.S. Basavaraj, Tumkur MP, has demanded a commuter rail corridor around Bangalore connecting Tumkur and Ramanagaram.

In a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Mr. Basavaraj urged him to approve the State Government's proposal to form a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to undertake this project in association with the Railway Ministry. Mr. Basavaraj said thousands of people from satellite cities and towns travel to Bangalore to earn their livelihood, so a mass rapid transit system would certainly help them.

He said the State Government had proposed a commuter rail service around Bangalore and linking it with the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation and metro services.

Thanks to Tumkur MP taking up this issue with Railway Minister  & PM.

Other MP's should also put pressure on Railway Minister & CM of Karnataka to make this happen




Tumkur MP Mr G S Basavaraj letter to PM on commuter Rail

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Here is the Tumkur MP  has written strong letter to Railway Minister & PM to sanction the Commuter Rail on the lines of MRVC & KRVC.

Commuter Rail Service Letter to PM from Tumkur MP

Other MP & MLA's should  take up this issue with Center & CM.  Also more public should come forward  and demand the concerned Elected Represntatives & Railway officials like DOM, DRM, GM & Railway Board.

good report, but whay that headline

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First of all, thanks to The Hindu for informative and regular coverage of Namma Railu demand. Nice report Mr Anil Kumar Sastry. I have a small clarification regarding the headline. It says "Namma Metro could have a run for its money". Positioning Commuter Rail as a 'competition' for Namma Metro, which it is not, is going to invite more opposition from BMRCL team going forward.

Commuter Rail supplements Metro, BMTC etc, Namma Railu team's report here doesn't even suggest the line that could overlap with Metro routes (Byappanahalli stretch). As of today the key goal of Commuter Rail service would be to is to bring folks down from satellite towns to a point on Metro or BMTC network fro where they can go deeper in the city.

Since there would be some route cross and little bit of parallel runs down the line, no Commuter Rail proposals suggest competition with Metro as it is planned and published today.

BTP highlights lack of commuter rail

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"In cities like Mumbai, around 85 percent of the population uses suburban trains. We don't have it. Except 5,000-6,000 buses, there is no other public transport system that can be used by citizens instead of personnel vehicles," Sood said on the margins of a function here.

No proposal?

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Minister of State for Railways K H Muniyappa on Friday said that the state government is yet to send a concrete proposal for the commuter train around Bangalore city.


...the report for the same is still being written up by RITES.

That would be a question to DULT/GOK?

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That's question for DULT/GOK to clarify the government position and state the current status on report making process by RITES?

Spoken to BLR MLA's

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I spoke to some of the MLAs during the week-end and put pressure on the demand for local trains on exisiting railway tracks. I.e "Namma Railu".

I spoke to Narendra babu, Muniraju, KJ George and couple of others. They indicated that they will take this up. Let us wait see....



Anybody who can join for a meeting with RITES and GoK team ?

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I further checked about the status of the project report to be done by RITES as per GoK request. They indicated that they are still in discussion rgding the proposal project that needs to be taken up. The RITES officials will be meeting GoK team this week. The RITES person indicated that it will be good if  civic representatives like us also participate and provide some inputs. I indicated that we will be interested to join. This might happen Friday - no confirmation yet. Once I get the willingness among the team members here, I will further co-ordinate with RITES team.


Bhushan (9845053122)



Good efforts in reaching to elected represntative.

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Its very important to reach more and more elected  representative and ensure that they are made aware that public are demanding the Commuter Rail.

On 8th June meeting RiTES was represented by Jyothi.  We should meet RITES  on this so that they are made aware what citizens need in Commuter Rail.

As RiTES will need correct inputs on the Commuter Rail,  we will meet them if they give an time slot for us.

Few of us who are intrested will join for meeting,  requesting Bhushan to co-ordinate with RiTES.



meeting with RITES

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i am interested to join the meeting if it is next week. i am out of town this week. devadas/9422075380

CRS may start from July 19th - DH Reports!

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Source: Deccan Herald

"...At a meeting with Infrastructure Development Department and the Directorate of Urban Land Transport on Wednesday, the South Western Railways sought two 16-coach rakes to begin services as soon as possible. The Railways has promised to work out a schedule of the routes and the services that can be run initially by July 19..."

For more read here

The timetable for the 2 rakes

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The timetable for the 2 rakes will be provided by July 19th, services will take time to start. Praja was not a part of this meeting but we did send in our suggestions to start peak hour services on all routes for DULT/RiTES to consider as a part of the short term rollout.

2 rakes will not be sufficient to cover all segments during peak hours.  Lets wait for the timetable & see whats in store. A good start nevertheless & very good forward movement


BCRS - Key Requirements - Short Term

July 19th - Official Announcement or Actual Service Starts!

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Now I am confused - Is July 19th, the day of official announcement on CRS or the CRS will start?


Is July 19th, the day of

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Is July 19th, the day of official announcement on CRS or the CRS will start?

It is the day when a timetable of when & where the services will run will be released by SWR. The timetable will take into account track availability & convinience of SWR to run these services. Also 2 rakes need to be purchased by GoK from BEML/assorted coach factories & given to SWR. I remember Sr DOM mentioning 1 month as lead time after the rake is taken possession of by SWR. 

State to procure rakes!

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"...The State Government has decided to procure diesel multiple unit rakes to deploy them for commuter rail service on the existing rail network in the city.

On the other hand, the Bangalore Division of the South Western Railway has agreed to indicate the routes for operating commuter rail services and the frequency at which the services could be operated, within 15 days..."

Source - The Hindu

"State to procure rakes for commuter rail"

Finally things are moving in right direction with SWR support

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Good to see that Top officals from Karnataka state and  SWR have come forward to start the Commuter Rail with all the constarints.

SPV for the Commuter rail should be formed at the earliest without delay.   As DRM mentioned, if more rakes are provided, they are willing to start more services of commuter rail is  big positive step for commuter rail.

Most probably,  services should start  within 2 months.

WIth Commuter Rail, METRO & BMTC Big Connect should make diffe

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With starting of  Commuter Rail,  METRO on MG road to Bayyiappanahalli, Big Connect by BMTC which was started last week should make public transport more attractive as these will  compliment each other in providing good PT.

In couple of months citizens of Bangalore should be using more Public Transport  of Commuter Rail, METRO & Big Connect of  BMTC.

On this their is need to make more awarness for citizens how all these will make the travell comfortable.

Procurement of DMU's by GoK

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An earlier report on rake procurement said that GoK is buying 2 no 12 car rakes for use in commuter rail. An Electrical Multiple Unit (EMU) can accommodate 12car rake whereas DMU generally has 6 to 8 cars. Is it not better to rationalize and plan the type of unit that is going to be used in Namma Railu now ? We can prefer EMU rakes with latest Siemens/BEML make in electrified sections.

I have no idea why they need

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I have no idea why they need 12 coach rakes, they will run such a big train in the middle of the afternoon & then complain its running empty. Maybe they have other ideas, we wil have to wait & see

PM Manmohan Singh accepting request from Tumkur MP Basavaraj

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Here PM who is holding Railway Minister Portfolio accepting the letter from Tumkur MP Basavaraj.  Similar letter should have been written by couple of MP's to Railway Minister to put pressure on forming SPV with state govt.

PM Accnoldgment of Commuter Rail Bangalore