Deregulated State Railway Authority

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KRC is the model to go if we need to resolve the local problems. If Delhi continue plan and execute we will definitely continue to have hundreds of  KR Puram/Whitefield like engineering disasters called flyovers.

With a minister from Greater Bangalore area cann't we try with a Bangalore Railway Corporation? This should have all the railway land/assets transferred under it, covering Bangalore Urban & Rural for a start. The rolling stock can be outsourced to private players, Bangalore need a lesson or two for infrastructure out sourcing too :). IR can continue to run their services with a revenue sharing model on the line of KRC and the assets transferred is its share in the new corporation - BRC. If it succeeds it would be a role model for other new railway corporations/companies. If it is doomed to fail, the loss is limited and its just for Bangaloreans, Delhi mandarins will/shall not care a hoot




What is the KRC model? Is it

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What is the KRC model? Is it feasible for Commuter rail service?

About Konkan Railway corporation

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"Mr.Fernandes had a fierce ambition to see the Konkan Railway project through, but
arranging funds for such a mega project was going to be tough. Dr. Bimal Jalan, then
Economic Adviser in the Finance Ministry, suggested the idea of a Corporation with the
Centre and beneficiary states taking up the project and raising money. With this
concept, Mr Fernandes could convince Mr, V P Singh, the then Prime Minister, and the
Chief Ministers of the four states. Prof Madhu Dandavate gave his whole-hearted
support as Finance Minister.

Mr. E Sreedharan was Member, Engineering, of the Railway Board and being a born
construction engineer, he was very enthusiastic about the idea of the Konkan Railway
as it would be a challenging assignment. All paper work for obtaining the approval of the
Planning Commission, Cabinet approval for the project, and floating of the Corporation
was quickly gone through in 1989. By the time the Railway Budget was presented by
Mr. George Fernandes in February 1990, the scheme was ready and included in the
Budget. Mr. Sreedharan, who was to retire from Government Service on June 30, 1990,
was earmarked to head the Corporation as Chairman and Managing Director.
On July 19, 1990, Konkan railway Corporation Limited (KRCL) was incorporated as a
public limited company under the Companies Act, 1956
. For the first time, the
Government of India had departed from its policy of controlling railway projects. Instead, it made the four beneficiary provinces of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala partners in the autonomous Corporation, with Mr. Sreedharan as Chairman and
Managing Director
. The Corporation had a seemingly impossible task. After the laying of
the foundation stone at Roha by Mr.Sharad Pawar on September 15, 1990, it had to
conquer the unrelenting terrain between Roha and Mangalore, cross dozens of
mountains and rivers, and build a 760 Km. railway line. The project was huge, the time
extremely short."

More here

Merge this and the other project

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IDS, Ramesh,

I suggest we join hands with the other project Sanjeev, Raghu and myself are planning. The project has been named "Commuter Railway System".

The Deregulated authority is one model for getting Commuter Rail Service going for Bangalore. The goal to chase is commuter rail using existing railway assets and land in Bangalore, right?

Let us join hands and raise the pitch. This project will involve meetings, protests, RTIs - whatever it will take to raise the profile about this issue.

Reply ASAP.



This is fine by me

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This is fine by me

state projects and PPP

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full text of rail budget by didi.


From the text

Madam, several State Governments are already sharing cost of some of
the projects in their States. Further, State Governments of Karnataka,
Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh have come forward for cost sharing of the
following ongoing projects:
i. Hassan – Bangalore new line
ii. Kadur – Chickmagalur – Sakleshpur new line
iii. Doubling of Arasikere – Birur
iv. Gauge conversion of Kolar – Chikballapur
v. Ahmednagar – Beed – Parli Vaijnath new line
vi. Kotapalli – Narsapur new line

4/6 are KA projects on cost sharing business.

Then we have State/PPP

118. In addition, State Governments of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra
Pradesh have proposed to take up new projects on cost sharing/PPP. These
include the following new lines and doublings:
i. Wadsa – Desaiganj - Gadchiroli,
ii. Gadchandur – Adilabad
iii. Manmad – Indore
iv. Talguppa – Honavar
v. Shimoga – Harihar
vi. Whitefield – Kolar
vii. Gadag – Haveri
viii. Tumkur – Davangere
ix. Bijapur – Shahabad
x. Dharwad – Belgaum
xi. Nadikudi – Srikalahasti
xii. Bhadrachalam Road – Kovvur
xiii. Manuguru – Ramagundam
xiv. Akkanapet – Medak – Medchal
xv. Kondapalli – Kothagudem
xvi. Cumbum – Proddatur
xvii. Gadwal – Macherla
xviii. Doubling of Vijayawada–Gudivada–Machlipatnam–Bhimavaram–
Narsapur/ Nidadavolu
xix. Doubling of Guntur – Tenali – Repalle

7/19 KA projects. 9/19 AP projects

Stated reason for these 4+7 projects is ofcourse:

119. Madam, Railways will consider on priority new proposals from State
Governments for construction of rail infrastructure in their states if they agree to
funding on PPP basis.

In the long run is it better for the state govt to take initiative and get the rail infrastructure it needs by paying for it? is this approach better than just sitting around wringing hands and beating chests about how the state has been ignored?

on the other hand, how does this work? what does KA get for these investments. Do we own the land round the tracks, do we own the tracks, do we have a say on the type of trains and/or their frequency?

AP has gone for more PPP projects while we have gone for more state funded projects, any particular reason?

Document of railways from IDD karnataka

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A detailed document on the railways in karnataka posted on the IDD's site.



The wrong way

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 "We've got to get a first-class transit system," he told auto-loving Americans, who have 950 cars per thousand people as against 8.5 per thousand for Indians. "We don't have one right now. We used to be at the top. Now you've got China, they're building multiple high-speed rail lines all across the country, leaving us behind. But it's not just transit. It's our ports, our airports, our sewer systems, our water systems," Obama said.

Somebody is certainly going the wrong way, its either him or us. I tend to believe its us. The following statement is more important. 

"We're going to figure out how do we make those kinds of long-term investments, but do so in a way that doesn't increase our deficit, and that's going to be a challenge, but I think it's going to be a priority," 

Deregulation of Passenger railways is certainly going to be the key. There is no way IR will be able to cater to the needs of Bangalore and its surroundings as a monopoly. 

Full circle

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Chickballapur is getting connected to Kolar. WIth commuter rail this will make it a full circle.

So while SWR has the money to do this for a place with no traffic, and no demand from anybody and just because somebody elected from there is in the railway ministry. I am sure they can start commuter rail services in Bangalore where there is demand and people to use it

Blockbuster failure

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 There is more & more evidence from studies by eminent people proving Indian Railways does not have either the attitude or the aptitude to take Rail transport in India forward. The center needs to take a serious look at this monolith as it is becoming the single biggest stumbling block in Indias development goals

And this monolith has just landed its worst leader ever with no vision or interest in running the organization. Can we do for Railways what we have done for Airlines & Telecom? 

R5000 crore Railways scam

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R5000 crore Railways scam

This is R5000 PER YEAR. You can get Commuter Rail for Bangalore 2 times over each year in that money. Some excerpts


In 2007, Jade imported the dispensers for Rs. 415 each and sold them to Railways for Rs. 4600 a piece - more than ten times the cost. Dispenser refills were imported for Rs. 226 and sold to the Railways for Rs. 1300 each - at five times the cost


In 2007, these pads cost Rs. 300 each. But specifications were changed to suit the concerns of pocket bearers. In September and December 2008, the prices were flared up to Rs. 4160 which is 14 times the original.


CWG scam is much smaller..!!

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CWG is a much smaller and one time scam. Scam in railway procurement is much bigger and perennial"

Very unfortunate that corruption has become a way of life in India. A suffocating way at that...

India’s $65 Billion Infrastructure Mess

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A whopping $65 billion is lost every year on account of the inefficient supply-chain system in India" for the retail industry alone. ...that's over 5% of India's GDP

since Independence only 20 per cent capacity has been added to the railway network but the traffic has increased ten times

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