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How do I...


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Edit your account details

Choose My Praja->My account from the top menu. Click on the 'Edit' link near the top.

Enter your new email address on the page  and click save button near the bottom.

If you have problems, drop a mail to 'tech' at ''


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How do I change the email ID

How do I change the email ID in my Praja account ?


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One cannot get voter ID online - follow procedure/link below



There are set procedures prescribed by the Election Commission of india and citizens will have to follow them  - filling up prescribed forms like

form 6 for fresh entry into the electoral rolls,

form 7- in case you want to delete the name,

form 8 for correction of mistakes 

 with necessary proof of address, age and photo etc and submitting them to the ERO etc..  The procedure to be followed can be seen at the following link.

After submission, you will have to get yourself photographed on the date they announce for issue of photo ID cards; in some areas, this is an ongoing process.

 It is good that you are a responsible citizen and trying to get a photo ID but you should have a little patience while dealing with the concerned state government officials.  there is no question of middlemen in this.  You know what I mean - it is your duty to go through the procedure and a right to possess a voter ID and also more importantly VOTE YOU MUST.

- Vasanth Mysoremath 

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online voter id.

sir, please let me know detals as how to get voter id on line.also send formsline for same comment guidelines

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