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How do I insert a Picture

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How do I insert a picture

There are several ways to insert a picture into your post.  First two methods mentioned below require you to upload pictures on other sites, and then embed them in your post/comment on Praja. Third method can be used to upload pictures directly on Praja.

1. Through Flickr

Probably the easiest is to put your picture on Flickr and then link it here.

  • Go to the place where you want to insert the picture (Blog, comment forum etc)
  • Insert the photo id in the format [flickr-photo:id=4591347446,size=s] or [flickr-photoset:id=72157613788778620,size=m]
  • Use the first one ("photo:id") if you want to insert a single photo or the second one ("photoset:id") for the whole photo set.
  • You can see the photo or photoset id on your flickr webpage at the URL box.
  • Write the remainder of your text as usual
  • Press "Preview" to check if the flickr picture is showing up in your comment/post, and then submit.

2. Through other sites

The other way to insert images is to upload them to a place that provides links to individual photo files and then insert them. Typically you can get links to your photos if you have your own website. Shared webspace like geocities also enable users to link photos directly. Once you have an URL of the photo you want to insert,

  • Enable "rich text editor" on the post/comment box (if it isn't already)
  • In the editor toolbar, find a button titled "insert/edit Image". Its a small yellow colored button, with a mountain/sun graphic on it
  • Once you click on this button, a dialog box will pop up
  • In here, enter the URL of your photo, and then set its properties etc. Remember to reduce to width to 500px or less
  • Continue typing as usual
  • Preview, and then submit your post/comment

3. Through - upload your pictures here

This one works similar to option 2 above but with the extra step to upload the photo to website itself. All images uploaded using this method are automatically resized to width of 540px to make them fit in praja posts and comments, and also to reduce the size of image files. Each Praja user has a storage limit of 5 MB (all pictures combined). Here are the instructions:

  • Enable "rich text editor" on the post/comment box
  • In the editor toolbar, find a button titled "insert/edit Image". Its a small yellow colored button, with a mountain/sun graphic on it
  • Once you click on this button, a dialog box will pop up
  • In this dialog box, find a button called "Browse Server", and click on it
  • You will now be shown a list of all images that you have uploaded so far on Praja
  • On the top left corner of this image listing, find an "Upload" button
  • Click on the upload button to upload an image file from your PC. Remember that if the file is large, it will be resized to 540px width
  • Once you upload the image, select it, and click on "Insert File" button on top to place the image in the post/comment that you are editing.

Yep, uploading a picture is not the most intuitive or user-friendly thing right now, we are working on an easier solution for uploading images on Praja.


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help for uploading pictures

Bumping this up to help those who want to take part in DDC APAD post. Try use flickr to embed your pictures, though there is a not-so-user-friendly way to upload pictures directly on Praja as well.

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