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Meet at Janaagraha (silk board re-design)

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6 Aug 2009 09:15

Date- 6th Aug. 2009

Time -9-15 a.m.


Janaagraha office,

UNI Building 4th Floor (Opp. Alliance Francais),

Thimmaiah Road, Vasanthnagar,

Bangalore 560052

Ph. K.V.Pathy 93421 79182


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thursday 9 am, physical meeting

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[Important point first - please don't take this as a crib. I am not whining because I wont be able to attend. I am writing this comment because it is linked to the essence of why this online community was created.]

Such meetings are a test for majority

  • A weekday - Thursday
  • Early morning, 9.15 am, when half of the members here, and 3/4th of Bangalore will be rushing for their first meeting or grilling.

Sir, think for a moment, who will be in a position to attend such meetings

  • Retired folks
  • Students, interns
  • Those who do this for a living (full time NGO members or activists)

The bulk of people who want to help with such work, who wish to engage will not be in a position to attend.

I have heard a possibly valid counter-argument to what I say above - if you are dedicated enough for the city, why not bunk your work and attend civic meetings. Thats a good rhetoric, but doesn't work, not practical.

The need of the hour is to collaborate using Internet and phones.

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Meeting at Janaagraha

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Dear silkboard,

The choice was to have meeting at this time & date or not meet for two weeks as I am not in town this week end and Janaagraha staff are not free upto 4th Saturday.As the proposal has already gone to BMTC, I felt the urgency.

As I said whoever can may join to break the ice. We will have further meetings at more convenient timings.



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I suggest the same to Pathy sir

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I suggested the same to Pathy Sir, on a different thread - he mentioned that this was only priliminary meeting - 

The 6th Aug. meeting is preliminary. Those who can may join.
We will try for another meeting during week end.
I request Mr Muralidhar & Mr. Suhas to try and join on 6th.


Naveen has said that he will try to make it.



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hadn't seen the other thread

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No point going back to edit my earlier comment, but want to apologize for the tone above. Point stands though.

I will join a weekend or weeknight skype meeting.

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City Connect meeting

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KV Pathy,

I cannot physically join. If it's possible probably can make it on phone, but if that does not serve any purpose, then go ahead without it. Else let me know the number to call



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Why BMTC in this meeting?

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 As the proposal has already gone to BMTC, I felt the urgency.

Sorry I am lost on this one but, what has Janagrahaa/City connect got to do with the proposal Syed and team have sent to BMTC? I thought silkboard junction redesign was being discussed.

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IDS - You are right, these 2 are different issues!

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IDS, You are right. They are mixing 2 things. BMTC in SB redesign is in different context than what the Praja-BMTC engagement was/is. The previous BMTC engagement was to provide feedback on its Volvo service and which we did.
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This meeting is concerning Silk Board re-design

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IDS - This meeting is specifically for the Silk Board redesign. Mr Pathy is active in Janaagraha and when the silk board re-design project came up - he suggested to them that they should also involve people from Praja.

Background - Prof Ashwin, through BMTC approached City Connect (a sister concern of Janaagraha involved in town planning projects) to redesign silk board jn to have dedicated lanes for buses. I dont have the full details of the project, but i guess this "could" be part of a larger plan to have dedicated lanes for BMTC buses on Big-10 routes.

I hope a few more people join Naveen and Pathy sir and present to them the ideas that have been discussed on the site and also lets hope that BMTC/Janaagraha share the re-design project report.

Will wait for the meeting minutes.
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Silk Board circle

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What Mr. Rithesh has written is correct.

One or two more members will be welcome.

Phone no. of Janaagraha-41277102/103

My phone-9342179182


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Meeting at Janaagraha

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We had a good discussion when Mr. Naveen & Mr. Suhas from Praja and Mr. Shahidhara & Mr. Sunil from City Connect /Janaagraha were present besides me. As I am in a hurry to go out of town, I request Suhas to post a report of our discussion. K.V.Pathy comment guidelines

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