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Tour of Nilgiris

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25 Dec 2008 00:00
The Tour of Nilgiris is a 7 day, 910 km bicycle ride across the famed Nilgiri mountain range in South India. The Tour of Nilgiris takes off from Bangalore on 25 December 2008 and ends on 1 January 2009.

It is a tour and not a race. The Tour of Nilgiris is the outcome of the desire of a very small group of cycling enthusiasts in Bangalore to create a challenging, interesting and educative ride for them.

Over the last few months, as more and more people became interested in what was a personal holiday, the Tour of Nilgiris acquired a larger dimension. It now has over 40 participants from India, US, and the UK. It has become a way of telling others to adopt a sustainable and socially responsible means of transports (a bicycle): if a bunch of ordinary cyclists of differing age groups can do 910 km over rugged terrain, surely anyone can cycle 10 km to office and back each day.

Of the 40 participants, 10 are riders invited to be guests of the Tour of Nilgiris from across cycling groups in India. These 10 are being nominated by their groups. We hope that the 10 riders will go back with an additional message: that the Nilgiris are a wonderful place to experience the thrill of the outdoors, that they present the perfect opportunity to enjoy the bio-diversity of south India and that they are a safe place for a sport like cycling. We also hope that the pristine Blue Mountains will encourage everyone to pay attention to nature and discourage activity that has a high environmental impact.

The route the Tour of Nilgiris will follow is:

Bangalore, Maddur, Mysore, Somwarpet, Mercara (Coorg), Virajpet, Sultan Batheri, Gudlur, Ooty, Coonoor, Kotagiri, Ooty, Sigurghat, Masinagudi, Bandipur, Gundalpet, Mysore, Bangalore, makes its way through the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala.

Some Tour of Nilgiris highlights:
  - Ambulance and qualified medical help
  - Support vehicles for emergencies and technical assistance
  - Local rides/ evening programs at each stop to highlight cycling as a healthy, environment-friendly lifestyle choice
  - Sponsored riders from across the country
  - Child athlete Sukhdev - Five women participating
  - Participants from India, US, UK, Sri Lanka
  - Participants are free to do any stage of the tour
  - there is no compulsion to do all 910 km
  - A few of the leading participants:
     Ravi Ranjan Kumar - Enduro3 winner fame
     Sriram - Enduro3 and MTB-H fame
     Venkatesh - Has represented India in many international cycling competitions
     Rajesh Nair - Coming from US with couple of other avid bikers
     Mani – Iron Man

The Tour of Nilgiris An absolute joy for anyone to experience the bio diversity of the Nilgiris An unparalleled exposure to culture, cuisines and history Challenge for amateur and experienced cyclists 100 per cent environment friendly tour Focused towards fitness and camaraderie Centered around cycling.

THE TOUR OF NILGIRIS FREE SMS ALERT SERVICE To receive FREE mobile updates, send to 575758 You can opt out from the alert service anytime by sending to 575758.

This is the premier edition of the Tour of Nilgiris orgainsed by the RideACycle Foundation, a not for profit advocacy organization promoting sustainable transport, responsible travel and environmentally and socially responsible bicycling opportunities. For information, contact Ravi Ranjan / Mobile: 9449810297

Please visit us at



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Excellent initiative!

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I have a dream, its to have a tour de france like event, tour de Nilgiri/Coorg, or Coorg/Nilgiri Yatra like annual event organized in Karnataka. This could be the biggest cycling event in India, and could be the showcase event to promote 1) cycling itself, 2) Karnataka tourism.

Did you guys work this through DCs, local administrators of the area, or via state tourism ministers (of TN, KA)?  Or just as a private event of your own? Just curious.

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@silkroute: At this point in time this is the only event of it's kind in India. However it is much different than TDF, for a very simple reason that it is a tour and not race. We will notbe competing against each other but will riding with each other. This time we have 4 bikers who are not indians, even when we did not go advertizing much about it. What i am commited to is to make this event on of the best cycling event in India and then Asia. We as organizers are lacking in contacts in the Gvt organizers to approach them and how_about's of that. So would it be possible for you to chip-in and help us out with this, please? Since this is not a race Legally we dont need to have permission from authorites, but it will be a good idea to keep them informed. Again, no contacts and no Know_how .. so please help! Thanks and Regards, ~ Ravi Ranjan Kumar Trustee, RideACycle Foundation (To be registered)
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Wonderful initiative

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May your tribe increase.  Cycling is the ultimate transportation - environmentally friendly, reduces need for road space and improves one's health. 

Will you have accompanying cars in front and behind so that no one's life is jeopardized by the lunatics that have taken over Mysore Road? 

I am sure you have thought of this, but I will ask you anyway - considering your route goes from Masinagudi to Bandipur do you have the Forest Department's okay on this?  It is quite common for elephants to cross that route and also the road from Bandipur to Gundlupet.



Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Nilgiris Tour - Terrific Way to Promote Bicycling.

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Great to see someone taking an initiative like this - it was long overdue.

I think it will be good to involve forest dept & also the highway traffic police along the route for the safety & well being of the group of bicyclists.

A highly visible flag or some such banner could help vehicles to spot you from afar - I am sure you've already thought of this.

Traffic is mad along all these routes - I once had a gypsy van, coming around a bend on the wrong side almost ramming into my car when ascending the Nilgiri hills to Ooty.

Good Luck ! & I sincerely hope it changes our views about bicycles as a means of commuting for the better.

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Amidst all the gripes, rants, gyaans in PRAJA, this provides a most refreshing read. I can begin to smell the fresh Nilgiri air. And, I think this concept is better than TdF, and should be retained as it is.

Also, if there's a vehicle accompanying the tour, for transporting bicycles of participants who may want to take breaks in between, and do the stretch by say a public bus (or some accompanying car), more people may get encouraged to participate.

As for me, I don't think I will survive beyond Bidadi. Any volunteers for bringing my bicycle back?

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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The tribe will grow

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@ALL: My tribe will increase, i am sure about it. And i count on each one of you for that. One day i will be able to make each one of you go on Bicycles. So i invte you all to join me and my trbie. Show us that you are there with us and join us in atleast first few Kms of the Day1 starting from Vidhansoda. I will very happy to host you alll there.
About the highway and safety, a genuine concern. But my mind you, i am one of the riders there and i would like to take care of each every aspect of safety. We will have support vehicles, Paramedic Vehicle (with a doctor). All the vehlces will have Flags and banners.
@Murali: Please join us, I am sure there generous ppl to help you out to bring your bicycle back.
@Srivathsa: We do plan to send letters to all these GVT departments very soon.
If a 11 years kid can do it, you all can!
Read about him @ http://www.tourofnilgiris...
Thanks and Regards,
~ Ravi
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And live for ever after

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Jiyo hazaron saal

I hope this spreads like a viral fever.

Pune, Bangalore and most tier II cities were cities of cyclists and hope the cycle reclaims its position.


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Join us

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Please join us on 25th of Dec for first few KMs starting from Vidhansoda @ 6:30AM. ~Ravi
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Now that you have taken the lead ...

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... and are organizing an event, I am going to think, network and do something about my Tour De Coorg dream. Will contact you Ravi after doing some asking around.

Any other humble soul wants to join in in turning this tour of Nilgiris into something big, please join in.

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Tour Of Mercara

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TFM is already in our plan. we plan to do this sometime early next year. Come and join us to make our dream of TFM true!!
Tour of Nilgiris
Official Accessory Partner: Wildcraft
Official Radio Partner: Radio Indigo 91.9FM
Official Print Partner: Time Out Bengaluru
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TFN 919

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Now they have increased the distance to 919 KM in support of their organizers 91.9 Fm. It is called 919-TFN
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just missed it

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I would have loved to come along for something like this---maybe next year. Please make this an annual event! comment guidelines

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