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Build TTMC on both side of a road

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Shantinagar TTMC is built on one side of road, so we have 2 junctions on adjacent roads. Though those junctions have only bus traffic, still additional junctions formed. Imagine 2 extra junctions near hebbal junction  when hebbal TTMC is built.

Instead TTMCs should be built on both side of a road connecting each other via a skywalk. So buses heading in opposite direction need not cross road to stop at a TTMC. This is similar to a metro station that is built on both sides. And skywalk can be even made bigger if they erect pillars on median.

This is difficult as bmtc has land only on one side of road, but they can acquire land on other side like they did for metro station. And the TTMC can be bigger on one side of road than other. Or road can be shifted little (10 ft) sideways to make place on the other side.



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Kengeri TTMC - job half done

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The buses now stop next to the lake.  The congestion point has only shifted from the earlier location next to the Masjid. 

Few observations -

  • People waiting stand on the road (state highway and a dangerous on too)
  • Maxicabs, cabs and auto slow down to pick up passengers
  • BMTC buses are parked on the open space between the lake and the road; this is encroachment by BMTC.
  • This will gradually increase the number of commercial establishments (unauthorised though);  one mobile canteen already operational
  • Urination already started (both passengers and BMTC staff)
  • Lake is under threat

BMTC should use the extra space between the lake and the road and build an entry and exit ramp or magic box so that the TTMC serves the purpose it is being built for; else this will be a job half done.  There is enough space for this. 


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Ramps Needed from opposite end

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 What we need is Ramps and grade seperators to be built for the buses to enter the TTMC and exit the TTMC from the opposite end.

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They dont construct ramp even in normal junctions, can they afford grade separator just for TTMCs?

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Ramps at TTMCs

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Ramps and grade seperators to be built for the buses to enter the TTMC and exit the TTMC from the opposite end.

This was one of the things I had discussed with Mr Shankarlinge gowda at the public transport event on 26th & he admitted that these might become necessary at some stage. He however said that pedestrian overpasses might serve the purpose equally well, to start with.

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BMTC/KSRTC initiative

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Well, building of ramps/magic boxes should be a BMTC initiative.  I think they should start pushing for this and not depend on BBMP to this.  The whole purpose will be lost if BBMP comes into picture. 

BMTC has sufficient funds to do this and NURM funds should be used as part of the overall project...not just glass and steel. 

Another point I want to mention here (wanted to write separately but would be relevant here) is that both BMTC and KSRTC should chalk out a mega plan to construct big ramps leading into and outside KBS.  Land availability can be worked out. 

Some thoughts -

  • Entry from KG Road side - buses can move infront of Upparpet and use the open space for a ramp/magic bx (mb) and enter thier campus.
  • Entry/Exit from Oklipuram (Rjngr, Vjngr) - can use Rlys land - AND - buses taking a detour to enter KBS can be avoided; it is a pain to see drivers struggling to take the right U turn near Seshadripuram junction.  Big reduction in time and fuel.
  • Exit to KG Road - demolish the ugly shopping complex built in the KBS campus and provide a straight entry to KG Road; a single lane exclusively for buses can be accommodated since buses entring KBS will now move opp Upparpet Pol Stn.  This will cut down the distance and time to parts of South and East Blr.  Trafffic on Seshadri Rd and Nrupathunga Road will fall down drastically; Nrupathunga Road can be made two way in that case, which will bring down traffic on Kasturbha Road.
  • Allow single land on Anand Rao circle flyover from KR Circle side and build a ramp/mb once the buses descend from the flyover.  Open space available which could be restored once the ramp/mb is in place.  This would again bring down traffic on Nrupathunga Road.
  • Entry from Chickpet - land issue. comment guidelines

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