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Highway tolls to begin soon

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Could this be something positive to restrain traffic ?

NHAI has already commissioned the construction of temporary toll booths at Sadarahalli Gate that leads to BIA while the permanent toll plaza will come up sometime later. Sources said the toll will be levied on the stretch between Hebbal and Devanahalli and the charges will be in line with the National Highway Fees (Determination of Rates and Collection) Rules, 2008.

“The rates are slated to be uniform as prescribed in the rule book for all NHAI roads across the country,” they added. A senior official pointed out that the decision to levy toll was made as early as two years ago but an integrated NHAI project between Yelahanka and Devanahalli saw it being deferred.

Sources state the toll was likely to be levied towards the end of December or the beginning of January. “However, the NHAI is likely to place an advertisement 10 days prior to embarking upon toll collection,” the sources informed.



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State Highways also to be tolled

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Public Works Department Minister M Udasi told reporters here on Thursday that about 1,500 kms of State Highways upgraded recently under the Karnataka State Highway Improvement Project-I (KSHIP-1), will be converted into toll roads from January 1, 2011. The responsibility of toll collection will be entrusted to private agencies, which will also be in-charge of the maintenance of these roads, he added.

Official sources said important routes like Srirangapattana-Bidar, Raichur-Bachi, Bijapur-Shankeshwar and Basavakalyan-Raichur will be toll roads. However, the department is still in the process of identifying State Highways where toll collection is feasible.

The proposal in this regard will soon be placed before the State cabinet which will take a final call on it.

According to sources roads where the minimum volume is more than 10,000 passenger carper unit (PCU) are being identified for toll collection. Toll plazas will be set up for every 50 kms on these stretches. A revenue sharing model between the government and private agencies will soon be worked out since private agencies choose only profit-generating roads for maintenance.

Further, the Minister said the government plans to convert all 3,400 kms of State Highway that was developed under the KSHIP-1 in the State. “About 1,500 kms will be covered under the first phase. Remaining 1,900 kms will be included in the second phase. The government is likely to get a revenue of Rs 500 crore per annum through toll on 3,400 kms,” he added.

More here

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Meanwhile, Transporters plan stir....

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The single point agenda for chakka jam is to press for the implementation of 1997 toll rules and scrapping of 2008 toll policy. Close to 70 lakh trucks, all LPG-run vehicles, private buses, medium goods vehicles, tempos, bus and maxi-cab operators are expected to participate in this strike. The strike is likely to cause the Government a huge revenue loss. “We are not against the collection of toll, mugappa,President, AIMTC.

More details here

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 Could this be something

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 Could this be something positive to restrain traffic ?

It should be the opposite, allow traffic on the highways and restrict in the city. Whatever!

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tolled expressways only..

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 I  am sure NHAI has norms on which roads tolls can be collected and they restrict it to mostly to the expressways..for example the blr-tumkur stretch which is part of the golden quad..

However they too dont collect anything for the other the kanakapura road which is a NH..this is for obvious reasons since they dont get the same attention as the other tolled NH..

The decision to collect tolls from the SH is more of an effort to get more money into the empty govt coffers so that they can swindle more on other projects..

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 The decision to collect

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 The decision to collect tolls from the SH is more of an effort to get more money into the empty govt coffers so that they can swindle more on other projects

Like somebody said, the problem is not about collecting the money for any of these things, its about where it is going.

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Travel by trains rather than by roads

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allow traffic on the highways and restrict in the city

I think the proportion of freight & passengers on highways is too high in India. Most of the travel /transportation must take place on eco-friendly trains. Thus, this is still welcome.

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Travell by Train time is higher then the road

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As Navven mentioned,   Travell by Eco-Friendly Trains, its good thing. But some issue which Railway is need to improve so that Citizens prefer Rail compared to Road :

1. As the average  speed of Indian Rail mainly Rajdhani / Sampark Kranti / Shatabdi is arround 70-80 Kms / Hr.   average speed should improve to above 120 Kms / Hr.

2. Frequency of  Inter City Trains need to looked into, for this so we need Double Track with  capacity of the Tracks to withstand speed above 120 Kms / Hr.

3.  Facility at Stations need to improve for the Passangers  so that they need not go to hotels. As the Space at every Major Station can be used for commercial use like good hotels which is added revenue for Railways.

Because of this, Passangers are forced to use Road.

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Toll booth may push veg prices up

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 Prices of fruits and vegetables may go up further in the City, thanks to the proposed toll booth near Trumpet fly over on the National Highway-7.

Bangalore receives a huge quantity of vegetables and fruits from farms located in areas beyond the proposed toll booth such as Devanahalli, Vijayapura, and Chikkaballapur . 

According to one estimate, nearly 80 per cent of vegetables the City receives comes from these farms. For instance, Devanahalli supplies tomatoes, potatoes and onions to Bangalore. Devanahlli’s horticultural farms are also known to supply fruits such as grapes, bananas, and mulberries to the capital

Now we have Hosure road, NICE Road,  NH-4 Nelamangala Road,  NH-7 Devanahalli Raod  having Tolls for all types of Vechile.  Only for NH-7 this issue has been raised and not for other two NH-4 & Hosur.  Soon even Mysore & Kolar road also will be converted into Toll Road, 

What will be the effect of the Toll on Roads,  the cost of leaving in cities, can any one throw the light.  Even BMTC & KSRTC  bus fares need to go up for the BIAL &  on NH-7, same with NH-4 also.

Other day I was  reading truck strike  planned  in Dec, they are clearly  telling even Loaded vechile & empty Vechile  ( Trucks ) are charged with same Toll, same will be on Buses & Cars,   toll is not based on any parameter,  its based on Number  wheels with outdated RTO  rules.   Even small Mini Tempos are over loaded & are charged less.  As Load on the vechile has effect on  the  maintenance of Road & its life.

Commuter Rail  is way to go for Public Transport along with BMTC, METRO.  Commuter Rail will help all types of Public who wants to visit City either for Business or Study or to catch intercity Trains. In all directions like Myosre Road, Tumkur Road,  NH-7 and Hosur   the Commuter Rail will help the public to move.


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The State Government has

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The State Government has decided to approach the Centre against the levying of toll on vehicles going towards the Bangalore International Airport  on NH-7. The State’s contention is on the grounds that BIA is a City airport.


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Transport commissioner Bhaskar Rao picks holes in road to airpor

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State transport commissioner Bhaskar Rao on Wednesday questioned the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI)’s move to levy a toll from vehicles plying on the “unscientific” expressway to the BengaluruInternationalAirport in Devanahalli.

Revealing that the materials used in the construction of the road were of inferior quality, Rao said levying toll was not mentioned in the master plan. He termed the toll plaza as “absolutely unnecessary.”

Similar  case with Railways, State has no control on  NHAI,   even Transport Minister has to request  Center on this.  

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BIAL keeps mum over toll booth

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The installation of toll booths on the road leading to Bangaluru International Airport (BIA) has once again opened up the issue of whether to keep the HAL airport open.

However, the authorities of the international airport are not winning any hearts by giving guarded response to the proposed toll booth.

Taking a neutral stance, BIAL Chief Executive Officer Marcel Hungerbuehler told Deccan Herald, "The toll booth is outside our (BIAL) jurisdiction, and comes within the jurisdiction of National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). We cannot interfere in their work".

When asked if NHAI authorities had intimated BIAL about the toll booth, he replied in the negative.

The toll fee is collected by NHAI a few metres before the trumpet flyover on NH-7 that takes travellers to the airport. The toll is  collected by a private company which is developing a traffic-free corridor from Hebbal to the airport, including a six-lane elevated expressway from Hebbal to Yelahanka. 

On inconvenience to BIA employees due to the proposed toll booth, Hungerbuehler said they were in the dark about whether charges would be levied on BIA employees.

Will this increase the operation cost of BIAL as this is only entry to BUIAL Airport, again BIAL Managment will  increase UDF & cost of Food at BIAL will go up.  As th construction materil to be taken into BIAL premise with work force will need to pay the toll fee & eventually cost of BIAL Airport going p up & intern UDF  & Food items ate BIAL going up.


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Soon Bangalore - Mysore Road Toll will begin

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Plan to collect road-user fee draws flak :

the Government was planning to collect user fee on 50 stretches of State highways and major roads. Those in Mysore region are the Bangalore-Mysore State highway, the Mysore-Hunsur-Madikeri highway and the Mysore-K.R. Nagar-Hassan highway, he said. “PWD Minister C.M. Udasi has reportedly said that the proposed user fee is for maintenance of roads. With the Karnataka Highways (Amendment) Act, 2010, user fee collection has been made easy, ”

Soon we may see Toll Booth coming up after NICE Raod on Mysore, same problem for those who are working at  Bidadi & cost of Living in Bangalore City going up.

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Moily comes out against toll booth near B’lore airport

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The disquiet over the toll booth near Bengaluru International Airport (BIA) has now drawn the attention of the Union government, with Union Minister for Law and Justice Veerappa Moily joining the fray

Speaking with Deccan Herald, Moily said the toll booth at Devanahalli would inconvenience commuters to Bangalore. In particular, he said people travelling from nearby towns to Bangalore would be hit hard. “I was not aware of the toll booth until now. It is true that those travelling from the outskirts of Bangalore will be particularly affected. Normally, toll booths provide some sort of concession to the local population”, he said.

“I was not informed about this project, NHAI officials did not consult with me before going ahead with this. I will now study the issue and take it up with the appropriate authorities”, he added.

Chikkaballapur, the constituency that Moily represents in the Lok Sabha, will be particularly affected by the move as National Highway 7(NH-7) is the lifeline for farmers who sell most of their produce to Bangalore. According to one estimate, nearly 80 per cent of vegetables that the city receives comes from farms located on towns dotting the highway.

How can a Union Minster say that is he is not aware of what developments going in his constitunacy,  same people were making  speaking  that Center has sanctioned Expressway for BIAL during  Electronic City elevated  road opening.  

Why NHAi has provided 20 yrs as toll collection when the amount for the project is only 680 Crore & the project is only upto Yelahanka Air Base & not upto Devanhalli.  Toll collection should be restricted only for 7-8  Yrs. 


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Highway Tolls

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I can't understand, why this protest against the toll? It is a National highway and NHAI has every right to collect toll for roads it build and maintains? NHAI has been collecting toll on the Hosur highway (not the BETL section) since more than 6 months now, isn't it? And NHAI is going to collect Toll for the Tumkur highway also, right?

So why only the Bellary road be exempted? Oh yeah... because the State government built an airport there and forgot to build a separate access road/rail to the airport. The state government was free-loading on a NHAI resource without starting the PRR or the ORR - BIAL expressway that were once planned.

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The state government was free-loading on a NHAI resource without starting the PRR or the ORR - BIAL expressway that were once planned

Interestingly, today GoK is scrambling to get the KRPuram to BIA segment of PRR going :)

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Octroi, Toll and BBMP

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if taxes are to be levied for raising revenue for local govt (BBMP) expenditures from trucks transporting goods like in Mumbai and Surat that is not OK. This is ca;lled a distortionary tax by the financial reformers.

but in the NHAI construction contracts tolls can be levied will they not cause any simlar distortion

By the way what is the reduction in Truck traffic by the imposition of Octroi in Mumbai and Surat etc and how much did they benefitr in terms of resources? 1000s of crores

So its ok in PPP for revenue enhancement which can distort mobility of the common man

BIAL has already imposed the user fee, now tolls will have a user fee, later on a PPP in SWM will have a user fee.

So are we going to be forced into a high transaction cost for the sake of multinationals who want their revenue streams to be predciatble and also the ADBs and World Banks who fund the KSHIP - I and II state highway improvement project who have put a condition for tolls on state highways also. So while PPP itself is a way for public tax collections and  revenues to be paid to the private sector now more tolls and taxes and levies for increasing the profit

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Moily, Muniyappa differ over toll collection

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Two Union Ministers have come out with diametrically opposite views on the issue of levy of toll near Bengaluru International Airport (BIA) on National Highway-7

On Sunday, while Union Minister for Law Veerappa Moily had expressed himself against the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) proposal to toll the stretch between Hebbal and Bangalore International Airport (BIA).
On Monday, Union Minister for State for Railways K H Muniyappa said toll was a ‘meagre’ sum that needed to be paid for ‘good roads’.

Both Ministers belong to the Congress in the UPA government and also to Karnataka. Both represent neighbouring constituencies - Moily represents Chikballapur and Muniyappa, Kolar.

This is a classic example of our state MP's when it comes to state issues, they lack total unity (Incindentally both MP's are part of Kolar district before bifurcation) - I am neither saying Moily is correct nor Muniyappa is correct, but see the way these guys work for the state. Sorry for taking it slightly off topic.

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 I am neither saying Moily is

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 I am neither saying Moily is correct nor Muniyappa is correct, but see the way these guys work for the state.

Having a differential point of view doesnt mean they dont work for the state. Nevertheless, Muniyappa hasnt been able to get commuter rail for the state, despite it being in his own dept. This toll will be beneficial for railways if they have a service on that line. I dont see how his views on NHAI will change things.


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Toll will push UDF, Airline Ticket, BMTC fare, Food cost at BIAL

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As  Fuel for Aircrafts,  Employees of  Airport & Airlines & other staff working in BIAL, Food to be Transported to Airport, Cargo movement  either coming to Airpor or  Outward,  other supporting  material need to be transported,  this will push the  cost of all activites at BIAL. Even BMTC will increase the bus fares to BIAL & Devanhalli.

Also Devanhalli Business Park ( DBP ) planned next to BIAL, their also this will have effect.

As the entry & exist to BIAL  is only from NH-7,   that means BIAL, State & NHAI have good understanding such that maximum toll is collected as all vechiles have to pass thru'' only NH-7. 

Due to single entry to BIAL,  I do't say poor planning,  its planned corruption which has brought the situation to now,

1. Like NHAI, BIAL & State does not want to use  existing SWR rail track  for BIAL,for commuting and they want  to help HSRL &  NH-7 toll collections. 

2. Either BIAL authorites opening the eastern side of entry for Airport  entry which was long demand.

3. In the absence of service road or alternate road to reach  BIAL or Devanhalli,  and even Hebbal to BIAL road widening work is in progress,  how can toll collection start.

4. BIAL is opposing  the HAL airport opening    this all shows  Pvt players want monopoly only.

As I am not opposed to Toll Collection on NH-7 by NHAI,  let them take care of the above four points  by BIAL, State NHAI & Center. 

From the above points, its well planned corruption in the open, we should oppose this corruption.  Amount is nneeded for Road maintenance,   but should not be thru corrupt mode.


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BETL is the example

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Not only is the process of sanctioning of BETL from Slikbaord to E city questionable but after spending 775 crs the toll was also started there

Now the toll is on the oppositie side also towards Bellary NH so we all knew about it earlier also

The next step in KSHIP state highways will also be tolled, this we know about before hand without specifics comment guidelines

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