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This is what "being pro-active" is all about

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Finding that BBMP was not quite equipped to clear the "tree trimmings" from the roadsides, fast enough, following the periodic exercises carried out by his men, particularly during the monsoon period, what does Mr Manivannan, the BESCOM, MD, do? He entrusts the job to his men - check this.

May his tribe increase!

Muralidhar Rao


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Being Proactive!!!!

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Murali Sahebre! No doubt Mr. Manivannan is a good officer.

However, from a different perspective, it is only fair that Bescom should have been clearing its own debris, in the first place. Mani has taken steps what is expected from his department. Bescom cannot put the onus on other department, to clear the debris created by it.

Being proactive is:-

Acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty; anticipatory: proactive steps to prevent terrorism.

I don’t think proactive is a correct word to use in this context. 

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No doubt this step by BESCOM is in the right direction.

The prevailing procedure seems to be that only BBMP is responsible for clearing such tree cuttings, debris etc. And they take their own time.

It is imperative that that the common higher authority should revise the procedure and make it mandatory for all depts., agencies etc. to clear the debris created by them and leave the site in a condition better than it was before their work.This is especially needed in cases such as digging the roads for various purposes by agencies like BWSSB, BSNL, Traffic Police, Horticulture/Forest depts. as well as BBMP themselves.


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for more tree-friendly trimming

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Discussing this matter with a friend, he made a suggestion that perhaps BESCOM should also deploy a ladder-mounted vehicle (like the ones used by the fire department), while undertaking the periodic tree-trimming exercises in order to ensure that it is carried out in the least harmful way, while also serving the purpose of BESCOM.

Muralidhar Rao
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dont grow trees under cables..

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I feel the process of growing trees under naked electric cables itself should be hardly serves any purpose..just because of the trimming procedures..most of the time they are reduced to a stump or they start to grow in odd directions and are never safe and can topple..especially rain trees..

Best would be to grow trees on the opposite side of the road where the canopy spreads to the footpath on the other side..

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Have Cables underground

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Under ground Cables would be a better option.

However BESCOM may feel that cost prohibitive. Cost factor is at best a decoy to hide their ignorance.

  1. The issue is to have robust road network with proper standards. [1]
  2. Town planning has to be right to have the roads right. [2]
  3. Development of land for use involves Infrastructure development like road, rail, sea and air transport systems, with suitable terminals for embarking and disembarking of passengers and other passenger support systems like catering, rest rooms, warehouses, etc. Sustainability of these transport systems is an important issue, in general. With Urban economic development there is a possibility of the local vernacular culture being threatened. There are certain tools developed which would be suitable for preserving this local culture.   [3]


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trimming to become tree-friendly

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I had posted on 2nd (check above) hoping for BESCOM taking up the tree-trimming exercise in a tree-friendly manner. Well, going by these extracts from a report in "Koramangala Matters" (click here for the full text), apparently, it is already happening.

The outcome of the suggestions is the best of thing:

  1. BESCOM will equip every section with a motorized saw and other equipment that could cost up to Rs 3 Cr to enable proper tree pruning
  2. A DCOF (Dy Conservator of Forest) would be sought on deputation to BESCOM to enable empowering proper tree pruning authority to its sections
  3. The DCOF and BESCOM would draw up proper Tree Pruning guidelines so the activity is effective and with the goal that a tree is pruned no more often than one whole year.
  4. The public would be encouraged to play as partners (instead of the present complainant role)  through the SMS system of alerting officials of potential tree hazards to power lines
  5. The local Meet-The-Public events (in each ward) would be given publicity and access to call-in complaints other than just power breakdowns. This would include safety hazards also. The BESCOM website would also have a form to alert that the public could use.
  6. A monitoring system would be in place to keep effectiveness in check.

As a student of management, I’ve known that the attitude of the staff starts with the attitude of the leader of the organisation. Now that we have Mr. Manivannan at the helm, it’s time when the winds of change are blowing in BESCOM.

Kudos to Mr Manivannan, alright.

Muralidhar Rao
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Thanks! We need continous engagement!

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Thanks to all, as all the posts in this thread makes so much sense!

KV Pathy sir, thanks! You are right, as per the law, clearing the debris on the public roads, drains etc is the exclusive duty of BBMP and hence no other govt organization can spend money on this, unless BBMP demands so! So, what we have done is an advance action to prevent accidents happening because of the debris, and taken a risk of being questioned by Accounts General (AG) office someday. I am sure that the highest decision making officer in AG office or the legislative committee chairman, who question us on AG office objections, will understand the motive behind this BESCOM's action and won't penalize me for this!:)

Cables are indeed costly. Want data?!:)

Ladder mounted vehicles are approved and in the process of hiring. The above decisions were possible, thanks to citizens engaging us! I am a very strong proponent of citizen participation in governance. It works wonders!

I may not be visiting praja henceforth, the only reason being the time constraint. Hope silk-board will soon help is in connecting with sites like praja whose posts automatically come into our system.


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