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Meeting with Mr Sood - minutes

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The Praja tradition should be - no single consolidated minutes of the meeting. All those who attend must log their individual reports about Praja meetings. That should give everyone a truer picture of the interaction. So here it is, for today's attendees to talk about their meeting with Mr Sood this morning.


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Very nice meeting and a good start

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First up, Mr Sood knew Praja, and has been reading some of the posts here. His description of us was a 'group blog', and I took the opportunity to tell him that blog is our front, we want to be more than that, and the stress is on constructive and fact based insights etc etc etc (you get the idea of our 2 minute pitch)

He said he wanted a longer meeting with us. The time we preferred (morning hours, he had suggested afternoon 2pm) meant that we'd get only 30 mins. Next meeting should be in the afternoon we promised, and he said he will be able to give us more time then.

He told us about his mandate and his challenges. Summary of his description was (we know this, and have talked about it on the website), he has to do the best he can with the resources he has. He has gone around the developed world and seen things there, and he himself knows and feels the need for a lot of what we say. Contrary to what many think, there is not a whole lot that he can change himself. He went on to give an example of fine amounts. There have been suggestions asking the amounts to be raised (all fines are more or less in the range of Rs 100). But he said that he doesn't have the power to effect that change. Its a central government thing (amounts fixed via Central government's motor vehicles act). This talk reminded me of our meeting with BMTC where we asked about Bus Bays, and Mr Tripathy had said - India Road Congress's standards don't include provision for a bus bay, so one has to go change those standards first.

Anyway, we told him we know this stuff a bit, understand that his jurisdiction and authority is limited, and less than what people perceive it to be. We told him that we want to explain the details of this aspect to all via our website/community. We said and he agreed that media doesn't cover or highlight this aspect of their job. Personally, I do agree. Before we criticize, we must understand the workings, and figure the real party or parties the criticism should be addressed to.

We expressed a lot of interest in BTRAC . Actually, we didn't have to. He was very proud of the things his deptt has been doing as part of BTRAC. We asked him how to keep in touch with all BTRAC work, we only have KRDCL tenders and limited media reports to go by. He said they are constantly updating Traffic Police website to expose BTRAC status, and he can always tell us as and when we ask.

Some of the BTRAC things he mentioned are known to us, a lot is not. Thermoplastic paintings on road to mark the lanes, standard road signs (work is on), 170+ vehicle actuated traffic signal systems, 40 centrally controlled live cameras on major junctions, 5 high speed violation recording cameras, lot more traffic lights and some more. All of this is work in progress, as in, there is more to come.

At the end of our meeting, he arranged for us to go and see his Traffic Management Center. so we drove off to Ashok Nagar police station, and were introduced to sub inspector Mr R Sudhir. He showed us the cool stuff. 40 live cameras, with controls to zoom (we could clearly see the license plates), and pan (direction of sight). Mr Sudhir passed us on to Mr M Arun from BEL, who told is about the traffic lights. BEL has installed vehicle triggered lights at 174 (thats a big number, I was surprised) traffic junctions in Bangalore. These are special signals that are driven by a magnetic sensor. Sensor changes the signal from green to red if no vehicle passes for, say 5 seconds. Or, the signal turns green only when a vehicle is sensed to be present.

Arun also told us about the synchronized signals. Forgot the number, but there are some 'synchronized corridors' where, lights are turned green one by one in such a way that if you drive at prescribed speeds, you will get all green (or all red, depending on your luck).

30 mins with Mr Sood, and 45 mins at the TMC, we learnt a lot of things we didn't. Was nice meeting them all, and I am sure we can build a working relationship with Mr Sood. He would like us to understand their operations and constraints, and expose their workings to all. If we provide suggestions that recognize their constraints and situation, I don't see why he won't be game. But he said one thing that we must understand. He gets suggestions aplenty, 100s a day via email itself! And a lot of things he gets are common sense. So here is our chance, understand them well, and suggest smart stuff, and not the common and obvious.

Forget suggestions etc. Lets just meet him and his dept folks a bit more, and build on our understanding of how they work and deal with our disorganized city's traffic. Rest will follow automatically.

Here is a quote that stuck. The most common request he gets is for speed bumps. Mr Sood said, "everyone wants one speed bump next to his house, but no bumps anywhere else in the city" :)

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Sounds like this meeting was a start to building relations

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Awesome ! I am sure we can make more smarter suggestions and ideas to help them achieve our goal!

I always thought that traffice laws are state mandates - now I understand center controls everything in India.. I would wish States were given more liberty in framing certain laws to implement best practices followed worldwide.

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More Points

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Some specific facts that we got to know yesterday –

All most all the road signs in Bangalore are being painted with world class synthetic paints (all of us should have seen them by now). In the last 3 months 50,000 sq meters of roads signs were painted and the target is 200,000 sq meters.

If one has observed traffic timers no longer work. I was of the impression that these were out of order. Mr Sood pointed that the actual reason was these timers have become redundant, as all the signals have now been changed into vehicle actuated mode from the fixed time mode.

The old sign boards are being thrown off and being replace with new sign boards which meet international standards (look out for those traffic sign boards with the “B-TRAC” sign on them).

Currently there are 176 traffic signals in Bangalore and all them managed from TMC (Traffic management center), in Ashoknagar Police Station. Around 20 new signals are being added every month. Total of 204 new signals will be added. All these signals are solar powered with six hours battery backup and also connected to the BESCOM power grid. They are connected to TMC via optic fiber cables managed by BSNL (this is something that worries me lot).

Cameras – two types are in use “Surveillance” cameras and “Enforcement” cameras. Surveillance cameras will be used for general surveillance. They have very good resolutions. They are all controlled from TMC. They have a range of 1.5 km and can be rotated 360 degrees.
Enforcement cameras are also called Red Speed Cameras. These cameras automatically take images (3 in nos) of vehicles which violate traffic signal or break speed limits. These images are communicated to the concerned person, who looks up the RTO database to find the address and traffic tickets are sent directly to the residence. These systems are just 3 months old, and eventually they will all be automated (the numbers will be automatically read from the images, mapped to the RTO database and tickets will be generated with out any manual interventions).

Currently there are 40 surveillance cameras and 5 enforcement cameras. The surveillance cameras will eventually be increased to 160 numbers. They were not sure of the enforcement camera numbers.

Mr Sudir was showing us the images of a junction. Interestingly we didn’t find any police personal at that junction and out of curiosity we pointed this to him. He sent out a message from his walkie talkie and magic, the traffic policeman was at the junction with in seconds.

I am surprised the main stream media has not reported on all this. I am sure that traffic violators will be more careful next time, if they know that someone is watching them.

Facts apart, Mr Sood was were welcoming and regretted that he had to stop the meeting in just half and hours time. He asked us to come again so that we could talk more. Infact he had some plans in mind for Praja.

We are trying to get information from TMC on how much is the cost for each camera. What is the revenue that is generated from them (from fines), how many days does it take for the camera investment to break even (!!!), how many traffic tickets have been give out by the system, when the system will be fully automated, etc.
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TMC (Traffic Management Center) Photos

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gives a feel we can have a say

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There's not much that has not been covered between Pranav and Rithesh. The take home as far as I am concerned, after the meet, is the definite feel that we finally seem to have a platform through which we all can have a say in the goings on, particularly when we have as proactive an officer as Mr Sood at the helm.

At the Traffic Management Centre, I got a close look at the Sony World junction (in Koramangala) - boy, never again am I going to risk violating any rule there, or, for that matter, anywhere, since more and more junctions are getting covered under the surveillance scheme. Well, I am very much a law abiding driver. But, on the fatal Friday (25th), at around 1.30 noon, I was stopped by the traffic police for taking the left at the Sony World junction (coming from Indiranagar side), supposedly after the lights had turned red (there's no automatic left there). The police lot were very polite, and I paid up Rs 100/- without a murmur.

I mentoned this to Mr Sood, and complimented him for the fact that his men were now beginning to stop car drivers also, even grey-haired, which had generally not been the case so far. When I guggested to him that his people should be targeting bigger offences, and charging higher, is when he stated that the law did not provide for charging heavier fines. As to the matter of targeting bigger offences, we will take up subsequently.

The Sony World junction signaling system has a certain defect, which was partly the cause of my commiting the violation. I have since studied this and shall try to have it rectified through the TMC.

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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I was very pleasantly surprised by the technical backbone being developed by the traffic police. Automated monitoring and penalization is critical to enforcement and I now am confident that we are progressing in the right direction. Thanks Mr.Sood for providing an opportunity to know their capabilities and constraints. It is also wonderful that he is open to suggestions from Praja community. I am sure the transportation WG on Praja would make best use of this opportunity to take this much further. Since the mainstream media hardly mentions how well these things are being done, as pointed out by Ritesh, I was wondering if someone can write a detailed and structured post about the advanced surveillance and enforcement infrastructure. -Shastri


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A small suggestion

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I have a small suggestion to make. I now understand that the traffic police cannot increase the fines on their own. The central motor vehicles act needs an amendment. In that case, can the police charge cess or something like that everytime an offense is committed? I mean collection of fine on some other pretext but it should still be legal?

Moreover, what can be done about the amendment to the central act? Can we do something about that? We should also see that fines collected go directly into the coffers of the traffic police and not the government!

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Fake Photo

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It is not possible to have such a modern system in India-certainly not if it is developed by a PSU, and run by the traffic police. I am sure Ritesh/Silkboard are faking the pictures. I am truly sure that they are fakes.


The above was written as satire, if you did not understand this already. I initially could not believe what was written here. I am certainly very happy about all the initiatives taken till date. Congratulations to all involved. Wish you all the best.

Hope every city in India can do this.

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Am off to Singapore tonight for 5 days.  Could not make it yesterday as too many last minute jobs to finish (IT Returns being the most important).

Looks like you guys had an excellent meeting.  Impressed with the usage of technology.  I just wish there was more awareness among the general public that they are being watched.  Maybe some board at important junctions - saying "Survelliance Camera here" in Kannada and English.

The reason I say Kannada is that some English signs make no sense to the people here.  There is a sign saying "Yield" near Windsor.  Someone sitting with me (well read and so on" asked me - What does that mean?  "Give way to traffic on your right" makes more sense.


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Things do happen, but seems slowly !

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 Thanks for the informative postings and more ever for that productive meeting. As I said, things are hapenning though not at the space it should be. But it is really to betterment of life in B'lore. Now it is time citizens also reciprocate this gesture with traffic discipline and order on roads.

 I am very pleased to learn that there is interaction between RTO and Traffic Police departments and use of RTO database. I think next item to be improved on this is to link Insurance, RTO License Revocation to the traffic violations. Atleast drivers involved in fatal accidents should be disallowed to drive permanently/brief period. Increase in Insurance premiums should be the deterant for disrespecting the law and rules on the roads.

I am sure many lives can be saved due to traffic accidents.


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Sood meeting

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Thanks Praja members for the update

As with others I am highly impressed by the Control centre with high tech stuff

i am glad that praja could make an impression too

thanks to Mr Sood for the patient hearing

were any of our suggestions passed on to Mr. Sood for consideration

if not all at least some can definitely be incorporated

Srinath Heragu

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Ticket to violators..

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It was rather surprising for me to see the TMC (Traffic Management Control) which was far more technologically equipped than I had imagined it to be. Most of the aspects of the meeting and the TMC visit are already covered by SB, Rithesh, Murali Sir.

Some more tit bits.

We asked Mr.Sudhir on how many traffic violaters have been ticketed and what is the procedure they follow for same. He has agreed to provide us the number. The process is they identify the vehicle from the surveillance camera, and from their vast database (which they claim to be exhaustive and getting updated regularly) get the details of the owner of the vehicle. The ticket will be sent to his address, and asked to pay within a stipulated time, failing which summons will be sent and eventually an arrest warrant is issued. 

BEL..way to go: It was also impressive to see BEL working on this and providing the setup also to many major cities in India. The sensitivity of the magnetic sensors (SB talked about),  can be altered to suit the required range of captur, all from the Control room itself. Very impressive indeed! But one problem here. These sensors at few places were cut by the BSNL cable laying team, which showed a bit of lack of co-ordination. Ya, BSNL provides all the connectivity sending the live feed which was very real time and without any snag. 

After the meeting, while returning home I was looking around at every junction to find the surv-cameras, and I did find a few of them. Couldnt spot the traces of the underground magnetic sensor strips though.  

Looking forward to the next meeting.  

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Understand the functions

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So is there a resource online or otherwise which can help us understand the functions of Bangalore city traffic police and their boundaries (ie what they cannot do)?
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Praveen Sood Meeting -- Did you know!

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With Silkboard and Ritesh covering most of the points there its difficult to put up a non-repetitive minutes of the meeting. We had a quick round of intros and was quite pleased to note that Mr Praveen Sood was an IIT Delhi product and has also done some management study at IIM. I was very happy when he told us that he was aware of and was an online blog. silkboard went ahead and described it in a few more words. During the course of our meeting Mr Praveen sood told us that he wanted people to know a couple of facts of Bangalore Traffic Police, this i feel was the Key take away. Did You know that The over the past 3 months (as said by Mr Sood) 1) You have been seeing more roads painted? Note: only 25% of the roads have been done and we have lots more to do. 2) About 180 signal lights have been connected by OFC 3) Traffic cameras have been installed 4) Traffic timers have become redundant as now we are going for Traffic actuated signal lights 5) Today about 80 of 120 signals are vehicle actuated 6) 40 screens have installed in the TMC to monitor traffic movement and also to keep a tab on offenders. 7) Cops are Blackberry enabled when they book an offender the complaint goes to a central database to keep tabs on regular offenders. 8) In the next 9 months there will be about 30,000 signals installed. 9) Old signage are being removed and replaced with 3M std / US standard signage - the new signage have a label BTRAC. 10) Each month atleast 20 new signals are being installed. He had a suggestion for us citizens - not to keep complaining and to start making use of what is there. -- yes sir! Mr Sood also told us that he is all ears to constructive ideas and is keen on meeting our group again. He urged us to visit the TMC - Traffic Management center. which the other members did and have posted the observations. I had some work and could not go to the TMC (still kicking myself for that) Overall it was a good meet, we surely have the keen attention of the Traffic chief -- Praveen Sundaram AkA PhotoYogi

-- PhotoYogi

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Good to know...!!

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Nice to hear that ppl are aware of praja... and feels good to know the developments been made on the traffic management front.... hoping it gets better...!!





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Good stuff....

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Nice to know there is much being done.

Notice this from SB's account - "But he said one thing that we must understand. He gets suggestions aplenty, 100s a day via email itself! And a lot of things he gets are common sense. So here is our chance, understand them well, and suggest smart stuff, and not the common and obvious.".

We should be able to offer some real constructive ideas. Could be a nice little project for our Transport WG. To brainstorm, collect, analyze and suggest real-world ideas to our Traffic Control guys. What do you think?



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Road painting

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From your meeting I understand "painting of roads" is within the responsibilities of the Police department. I am dissapointed on the standards (not quality or luminosity of paint) of road markings being done. Some of the problems I see which Mr sood will be well aware as he has visited many countries.

1. Lane widths not consistent or incomplete. Outer lanes are not complete lanes at all (ex. Bellary road between mekhri circle and Sanjaynagar junction or like on Sankey road between Cauvery jn and the BDA magic box where only innermost lane eists the rest of the road is one big lane. Why isnt there seperate lanes with chevrons to move traffic up and down the magic box?)

2. Shoulder snakes with pavement and not with the lane.(ex again bellary road same strech, airport road and many others)

3. Where there is confusion I see that the paint also dissapears as thought the engineerign/marking team decided to leave that for the commuters to sort out. (ex. cauvery jn from mekhri circle where 4 lanes 3 from mekhri circle and one from bhashyam circle merge into 2. all lanes dissappear near merge point without graceful merging. When you get off the BDA magic box towards windsor manor there lanes or off and not continous. No chevron for merging traffic anywhere etc)

4. The painting and road signs dont indicate exclusive turn lanes where the right and straight signals are asynchronous (Ex cubbon road kamaraj road intersection. Right turn traffic blocks straight thru traffic, right lane can be indicated turn only lane)

The above are concrete suggestions which I assume are within the departments scope of operations and doesnt require change in laws or complex buck passing. I am sure after all the investment in paint is done it will be hard to redo everything so why not do it right now? It will be interesting to know what gives?

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thanks folks

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first of all. ritesh. a million thanks for all the initiative. surely a trendsetting endeavour. thanks once more. folks thanks a million and one for all the updates. SB, Ritesh, PY and VM for first order reports and Murali Sir for his second order report. this rashomon style of take on reality with folks reporting their take on the same matter is awesome. SB said bus bays are not in IRC. But, i remember to have read papers where they talk of IRC standards for bus bays. I just remember some numbers, the recess according to IRC i think is 12 feet in contrast the standards in US which prescribe 15 feet. bus bays are there in IRC. but i dont know the context. we really need to understand this federal structure of governance. how much is pre-fixed at the central level and how much leeway does the state have and further how much can individual local agencies do. we need to understand the adminstrative setup and we need to understand the federalism. a very broad picture of what i know of what i dont know. the question is, where to look for answers? the rules are the way they are because they are framed so as to limit exploitation. but as naveen said, that also means if nobody can do harm then it also means he has no leeway to do good.
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awesome ids

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thanks ids. excellent post.
Shoulder snakes with pavement and not with the lane. Where there is confusion I see that the paint also dissapears as thought the engineerign/marking team decided to leave that for the commuters to sort out.
fix throughfare widths or atleast lane widths. 6mtrs,9mtrs,12mtrs or whatever. even if there is a 7.2 mtrs roads, the actual throughfare must only be 6mtrs.
View Larger Map Is it possible to get a copy of the IRC standards manual? Our next round of interaction we should check out their design codes.'s picture

humor laden ideas for BTRAC's Creative project

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This comment has been moved here.
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IRC specs

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Here you go...

You will have to purchase it.... 

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make TMC the best thing ever happend in India

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Happy to know that we have working TMC (Traffic Management Control) in our city. It will go long way in improving the traffic management in our city if it is USED as it is supposed to be. Control room can have information about all the traffic signals and would help in deploying traffic inspectors on the site and monitor their work. If they can spread the message that traffic violation are being watched by camera then people will think twice before commiting any violation.  The catch here is all the violation must leads to "Penalty/challan" irrespective of status of the driver. If its not..TMC will be another wasteful expenditure on govt's part.

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Praveen Sood Meet

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I was excited to discover that Praveen Sood is from IIT Delhi and IIM Bangalore. I am excited because such a learned man being ACP Traffic has the knowledge and authority to deliver traffic solutions for our city called Bangalore (Bengaluru).

I am also excited to see this site hosted by the government which provides an open platform for govenament - public dialog. I wish I could have attended the meeting with mr. Sood, as Traffic Optimization is a subject near to my heart.

 I have my own thoughts on Traffic Optimization which I try to articulate in my blog.  I wonder if I could take part in one of the "meet Sood" meetings. I do not know how, at the moment. I will find out! I would like to thank Mr. Sood for having taken time off to arrange such meetings. I am sure this initiative of his will not go waste.

Pranav's minutes were excellent! I did not read it for quite some time, thinking it was another babu writing it! Now I have read it. I feel "" is a great thing happening in Bangalore. Thanks to Web2

 ---- Ananthram PS, a Senior Citizen.


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Publicity for Public Awareness

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 Praja can help Praveen Sood and his traffic department immediately with publicity Ads/Exclusive columns in newspapers. I am sure some of us who are well connected with Industry captains to help with sponsorship from their respective industry/business circles in running this publicity blitz. The whole publicity campaign can be:

  1. Exclusive information columns in news papers highlighting the work of Praveen Sood and company
  2. One Page ads with catchy slogans to bring awareness about lane discipline, safe driving, drunken driving and unncessary honking.

 I am sure, this project initiative from Praja would become a spring board for Praja activities and recognition. Also my gut feeling is that we would be building/making in roads for closer realtionship with journalists, media and the industry/business community.

Prajagale, What do you say ?



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Road marking best practices

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Click here for an example of how detailed road marking specifications need to be.. I dont see any similar methods being followed in Bangalore... only hope we can follow as much before "painting" any further.

Click here for the complete MUTCD standards for the US. Unlike IRC which considers their pathetic standards a state secret the US publishes it online for all to see and learn

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ananthram sir, i really enjoyed your paper on optimization. we have previous discussed similar ideas capillaries in leafs etc although interms of public transport networks and roads. your writeup is more detailed. thanks.
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ids thanks.

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ids thanks. these types of reports are good guidelines to follow. i also saw that irc link you posted. i really want to get it. but dunno if they can mail where i live. anycase, i want to wait for a few days before i get worked up on that. but that will be a good reference to have. thanks again.
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Meeting with Sood

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I have one suggestion which can be easily implemented by Mr Sood

unlike western countries the traffic when going from red to green goes through amber. the amber has no meaning especially for Indan Traffic

what I strongly suggest is that like in Western countries the traffic from red can straightway go to green thus saving on circuitry & power  (only when going from green to red it has to go through amber)

I hope the Transort WG will seriosuly consider this simple but profound suggestion for implementation



Srinath Heragu

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heragu sir, amber is a safety buffer. bcoz it is normal human tendency to try to beat the red. also how else will you indicate that the green cycle is about to end.
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amber - a safety buzzer

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hello tarlesubbba sir,

I agree that amber is like a safety buzzer

but it has to be used only from going from green to red (when green is going to stop) as you have suggetsed.

It need not be used at all when going from red to green. this is waht is followed in western countries.

this is what I  have indicated in my post

Srinath Heragu

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Enforcement- personnel shortage

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First of all. This is awesome. I never though this kind of stuff is possible in India. It is amazing what you guys are doing. I have read in reports that it has been very difficult to fill open positions in traffic police. Is this true ? Was this mentioned in your meeting ? I have noticed that the general media is fairly harsh with the law enforcement and the job is always looked down upon. In the west the police job is glorified. Is there are a role for us to help build the image of a cop/traffic police. This might help in attracting good talent for the job and also ensure some pride in what they are doing. I am sure that the compensation is not enough to attract the best talent.
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Good initiative

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 It’s good to finally see citizen- govt initiatives being pulled off, and actually being take seriously. I’m more of a silent reader on Praja but try to voice out occasionally. I can’t participate in person (I’m based in US) It was nice to read about the TMC and hope more infrastructure would be set up for the same. I  know about the major projects like metro, BETL, grade separators, ORR improvements happening to decongest the roads, but would like to see minor things/changes implemented which can help in some sort. 

  • Road signage and markings (really happy to see that happening)
  • Clear roads of slow moving traffic especially carts (bullock and horse) on major roads. I see signage on flyovers but see that it’s not enforced. Also clear roads of animals (cows/buffaloes squatting and roaming around)
  • Clearing sidewalks of hawkers and petty shops. Although  I hear about these drives occasionally they are still there everywhere. But clearing them the govt needs to provide alternate arrangements for them or they will just pop up in a different location everytime.
  • By clearing up sidewalks  and putting up fences we can keep the peds on the sidewalks and more road to drive naturally. 
  • The govt needs to come up with a law which will prevent people from setting up shops/showrooms which open up directly to the sidewalk or a road, there should be dedicated complexes where permission should be given for any kind of shop which will have its own parking space and not on the roads.

These are a few vague points I’m sure have been discussed before, which I feel dosen’t need a ton of effort to  make it happen. 

More ideas?

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penalties for traffic offences to be enhanced

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Excerpts from today's New Indian Express:

Government proposes to introduce a Bill in the monsoon session of Parliament to amend the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 for enhancing penalties for traffic offences. These amendments include provisions for on-the-spot suspension of driving licence of a drunken driver for up to three months, an official statement said here on Wednesday. The amendments also include imposing a fine of Rs 5,000 on a negligent driver who causes injury to a person or damages property.

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao

Give powers to local police to fine not Central Govt

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The Bill should be amended to give suffecient powers to the local police to fine. One cannot adopt a similar fine all over the country. Fines in small towns like Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh are way too different from fines in CBD of namma Bengaluru.

Fines can be different even within the city. A Parking violation in central areas like MG Road / Brigade road should be at Rs. 2000 minimum and at outskirts like HRBR Layout should be about Rs. 500 or so. 

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fixing the upper limits

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The bill, I expect, will be just fixing the upper limits, with the exact amounts left to be decided by the jurisdictional officialdom.

Muralidhar Rao

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