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The automobile industry burden

The U.S. auto giants General Motors, Ford and Chrysler are more a fine example of how things work in the age of unbridled corporate power. Of how the collapse of restraint on that power must fracture economy and society. They also set the very standards that the Indian elite lusts to emulate.

P Sainath on the mistakes the US committed and the mistakes we must not repeat.

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Muralidhar Rao

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Wonderful Essay !


Thanks for posting this link - a great article.  This is exactly what we would like to fight against & avoid, if possible !

Bangalore's horror

If even 10% of Bangalore's two wheelers had shifted to the Tata Nano instead of a BRT system, it is enough to shut down Bangalore.
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Auto Execs Fly Corporate Jets to D.C., Tin Cups in Hand

Murali sir,

You will be stunned reading this news. Look at the arrogance and pervertness of these corporate hanchos. All 3 CEOs flew from Detroit to Washington DC in their own private Jets. But they had the audacity to ask for 25 billion bailout. None of them had any concrete plans how thye will resurrect their failing companies. They didn't even had the courtsey to say they are willing to scarifice their 15, 20 million dollar compensation, rather arrogantly they said they are happy at what they are getting. They told the news media that they use the private jet for security reasons? What a Joke. They are marching ahead in show of wealth and arrogancy to beat the Saudi and Dubai shaiks. Shaiks must be bitting their nails in sheer surprise with their detroit empire brethern.

Read this article for detaile dinformation

Auto Execs Fly Corporate Jets to D.C., Tin Cups in Hand

At least now we should be wise not to emulate the "free Market Economy" mantra blindfolded. We should stop emulating this heartless and merciless culture that corporate world unleashes on ordinary souls.

The price to pay for corporate follies is humungous compare to a failed PSU?



Dubai example

I heard HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum even does not take a large convoy when going through the roads of Dubai. He uses a rather simple car and goes through following all rules.
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Pride comes before...

Detroit executives have a  case when they say they flew private jets for security purposes.  They would get lynched if they went out in public - and just for the crap they produce as cars. 

We are committing the same set of mistakes.  Instead of taxing cars our neo-liberal FM (a worshipper of Milton Friedman) wants to increase car production.  Our cities are only too happy to grab more land for road widening and providing money for flyovers and elevated roads. 

It is just disgusting to read that Mukesh Ambani  plans a $2 BILLION house.  Yes it is his money.  Yes he is free to do what he wants to with it.  But...

What is even more painful to read is how, now that times are bad, industrialists want all sorts of governmental help as a matter of Divine Right. 

This top down trickle effect IMHO is a load of cow dung.  It has to be bottom-up with the government making sure that our agricultural sector is well off.  That can cure a lot of ills. 




Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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People drive business

When we elect our leaders we need to ensure they will work for the benefit of the people and not the businesses. Business is needed to have an economy, but we should be clear who drives what. People drive businesses and not the other way around. If people dont want a particular type of business we should be able to remove it from the economy as it doesnt serve the need of the people. comment guidelines

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