Suburban Rail Portal - Inviting Suggestions!

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Dear Prajagale,

I am sure, all of you must have seen an update from our friend Sanjeev on progress of Suburban Rail project. There is a likelihood that we could hear about the introduction of 1 or 2 services rolled out under this project proposal in next 2-3 months.

Considering the way how things are done in past by GOK, some of the Praja members have suggested to create a separate information portal on 'Bengaluru Suburban Rail', to disseminate information on existing suburban services (including long distance trains used for the local commute), project details, status updates, News, Proposed routes etc. I would like to take this opportunity to invite your support and suggestions for taking this endeavor forward.

To start with, please help us with,

  1. Your thoughts on this proposal to create this online portal. It's OK if you have any objections, pls say so and do not forget to put down a reason for the objections.
  2. If majority agrees,
    1. what kind of information should this portal provide?
    2. What level of details it should have?

Here is the draft template for the Portal Home Page.


  1. Anybody who can help with site design specially the UI?
  2. Anybody who can help develop this site uisng the latest web technologies? Should support queries and database.
  3. Anybody who can help with graphics, animation and simulations?
  4. Anybody who can support with Kannada Version?

NOTE: Later when the project is in full swing, after the Phase-1A is launched, the site could be handed over to the SPV. The idea is to develop the site to become the official portal for BSRC like BMRC, BIAL etc.

Please respond by commenting on the discussion.



Dear syed bhai, the site

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Dear syed bhai,

the site looks very nice. to have better last minute connectivity we can add bus routes nearest to each staton. 

For ex. I stay @ sahakaranagar information about nearest station like Hebbal bus routes will be good. It's just my wild thought. 





Additions in Webpage

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I would like to see the below information in the website.:)

  • Fares between stations.
  • Major stations (City, Cantt, Yeshwanthpur, KR puram and Whitefield). Where the passengers can transfer themselves to different outstation trains.
  • Nearest Bus Station or Stops.
  • And blog page for suggestions or impovements otherwise achievements of Namma railu.




With Regards


DMRC Website Can Be Referred

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Delhi Metro Portal is like a full fledged Metro site. We can refer this.

There is a planner section here, which suggests which route to take. It would be nice if we integrate this with google transit upon full fledged operation.

Nice tracking website from Chennai suburban rail

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Meera sent me this nice link to a Chennai suburban rail map. I think it is a demo, but it shows where the train is.  It is based on schedules here and NOT based on actual position as far as I can make out.


Following site has good and simple to query the Local Trains

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This Indian Railway site shows about the Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai Suburban Rail services details.

We can look at this site too :

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Already MMTS Hyderabad  and Chennai MRTS


Additions in webpage

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I am new to Praja.  I am Kishore Chandra.  I can help with the Kannada part of the proposed website during my free time.

My suggestions for the proposed website:

a. Having SMS alerts when the train leaves/arrives at a station.  An example of how it would be helpful is - Suppose a commuter stays near lottegollahalli station and can reach the station in 2 minutes.  If he sets an alert for the Yelahanka-Yeshwanthapura train, he would get alert as soon as the train leaves yelahanka, so that he can start from his house, instead he coming early and waiting at the station.

b. I liked the chennai rail link website - rail updated by Sanjay above.  This could be used in the mainpage of the website in place of pictures.


Kishore chandra

@Kishorechan, Welcome to Praja!

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Welcome to Praja and your offer to help is appreciated. I have taken note of the suggestions and will certainly consider it in the design. The design work is yet to start, but will certainly do so in coming days.

Meanwhile, need help with couple of translations in Kannada. Let me know if this is something you can help with. You can send me your email/Phone contact via PM here.


@Kishorechan, Welcome to Praja!

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My email id - <removed>


Kishore Chandra

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Time to update details on this for Suburban Rail

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With few more services  of Suburban rail added in Bangalore and  with METRO integration ( suppose to be ) at Baiyyappanahalli & Yesvanthpur,  FOB & escalators at Yesvantpur & Bangalore city,    now we should update the details and release with new halt stations like Krishnadevaraya & Hoody  as new suburban stations.