200 Crorers - Initial Investment to start Bengaluru CRS in 6 to 12 months time!

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Commuter Rail

With Congress Government in rule at the state and Shri. Mallikarjuna Kharge taking charge of Railway Ministry, the chances of 'Namma Railu' aka Bengaluru CRS getting implemented has increased ever than before. The competitive challenges has also increased ever than before.

It is learned from reliable sources that different groups have been putting pressure on GOK to implement projects they think are in Bangalore's interest. Some are Bangalore centric, some for building new satellite towns etc. Recent news of BMRCL's plans to expand metro with 265 KM network. I wish this will not play to detrimental of 'Namma Railu' cause.

Bangalore city does need lot of attention and personally don't see any harm to all the sustainable urban transport solutions like putting more METRO network inside the city, re-hauling BMTC services to increase its connectivity & last mile foot print, increased NMT infrastructure and formalization of auto and taxi services.

But in that pursuit, neglect of suburbs and towns around Bangalore is not in its interest. Otherwise, it will be start of a decaying city like Kolkota with crumbling urban infrastructure.

Bangalore doesn't need to build new satellite towns. The existing towns of Kolar, Tumkur, Ramangaram, Mandya, Chikballapur, Doballapur, Bangarpet, Malur can be helped to become satellite towns of Bangalore. In that scheme of things, provision of mass suburban transit system is the best catalyst for promoting growth of these towns. To that extent, the proposed 'Commuter Service for Bengaluru' is the least expensive, most beneficial and largest carrying capacity solution. Nothing can come close to it on any one of these accounts.

Per RITES Report,Chapter 3, Sec 3.7

“...has potential,
  • To work as high density urban transit system,
  • To work as suburban commuter system

Which basically means, CRS can cover the CITY-CORE as well as the suburbs very well with 440 KM of network. One transit system serving two different commuter sections, each one benefiting for their own purposes.

In terms of investment, RITES estimates a total investment of 8759 crores for building full fledged 440 KM of CRS network in Bengaluru. In cost comparison this is what it would look like,

Though the 8759 crores is a huge investment, but it is for 440 KM of CRS network to be built in 3 Phases over  5 to 6 year time period. That will provide for a carrying capacity of 20 lakh commuters/day.

What is important to note in this debate is the following words of RITES Report, Sec 8.5, 8.6

"...However, during the meeting organised by DULT on 11th July 2012, some Railway officials present expressed that a small sub-set of activities out of total scheme of CRS project can be completed immediately (in about 6 months to 1 year time) and a few additional services can be run to give some immediate service to the public and rest of the CRS project can follow later. The Railway officials present during the meeting were DRM, CTPM and other divisional officers (along with GoK and RITES officials). Sub-set of activities suggested were by the Railway officials were:

  • Procurement of 5 MEMU rakes ( 105 Crores)
  • Making SBC – BNC into twin single line and BNC – BYPL into automatic signalling or IBs. (8 Crores)
  • Development of 4 pit lines at BYPLN. (40 Crores)
  • Development of 2 additional pit lines at YPR (20 Crores)

There are 2 important aspects this section talks about which needs everybody's attention. One, unlike earlier years/times, SWR officials are in agreement for starting the identified initial services. Two, initial investment needed to make it happen is very small compare to other projects of such nature. It all needs now is 200 Crores.

Though the question of remaining investment persists, but RITES has recommended the SPV route for that investment with funding from institutions like World Bank, ADB etc as done in case of MRVC, Mumbai.

Some of you might be skeptical about IR's interest and willingness to make it happen including the fare policy. Whether one likes it or not, IR will be one of major stake holders as CRS is depended on its infrastructure and possibly the O&M also. On fare policy one can appreciate the RITES recommendations of 'Suburban Fare Policy' plus surcharge to develop CRS on continuous basis.

For details see RITES Report, Sec 9.5

Hope the state government takes all these into account and moves forward on implementing CRS in Bengaluru.



In principle approval from Center?

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Source - The New Indian Express

"...While Railway Minister Mallikarjun Kharge said on Monday that the Union Government has given an in-principle approval for the project, a senior official from the state told Express: “The Congress government in the state has cleared preparation of a detailed project report for the system..."

Last two Years State and Railway Board neglected this 200 crore

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Last Two and half Years  DULT & IDD  of GOK and Railway Board neglected this proposal  if 200 crore to improve existing infrastructure to starte additional services.

Now after  30 months,  RITEs proposal is getting done  informally and no GOK support and Railway doing at its won pace.

Look at the following investment done by Railways which are directly contributing for  Commuter Rail / Suburban Rail Bangalore :

1. MEMU Shed at Banaswadi   Rs 15 Crore

2.   Three Additional DEMU / MEMU rakes   Rs 50 Crore

3.  Additional halt stations at Hoody and Krishna Devaraya ( RPC Layout )  Rs 3  Crore

4. Tumkur Station Platforms increased to 4  at the cost of  Rs 10 Crore

5.  Bangalore city station,  Yesvantpur station, KR Puram Station, Bangalore Cant, Karmelaram station, Lottegolahallai station, Kodigehalli station improvements for passenger including PF level raising, PF cover, FOBs at the cost of  Rs : 20 Crore

6. Yelahanka station getting developed as Terminal with 5 Platforms  Rs 15 Crore

7. Additional Pit lines and stabling lines at Bayyiappanahalli Rs 15 Crore

8. Funds allocated for ROB / RUB  which will be more then  Rs 20 Crore

Above investments add upto Rs 148 Crore, these investments are having direct impact on the Suburban Rail services.

This is how GOK and Railway board  slpet on the Rs 200 Crore proposal but finally RITES proposal are getting implemented in bits and pieces with delay of 3 years and  without any  Green signal for the Commuter Rail.

This is how Development works happen in India and  expect miracle to happen, other end for Each METRO stations,  GOI, MOUD, GOK spends Rs 200 Crore.



Modi announces Rs 1.25 lakh crore package for poll-bound Bihar

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Our Respected PMs Gift to Bihar as Bangalore Pays  thru the nose as Taxes

In a major pre-poll sop for Bihar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today announced package of a whopping Rs 1.25 lakh crore, promising that the state will touch new heights of development if the BJP is voted to power.

For political benefits, he put at stake the prestige of Bihar," Modi said, adding that Rs 12000 crore given by UPA was like giving a candy to a child who cries too much.

That package played with the self respect of Bihar, he maintained. Invoking freedom fighter Babu Veer Kunwar Singh, who hailed from Arrah, and seeking Jayaprakash Narayan's blessings, he went on to ask people, "Should it be Rs 50000 crore or more, Rs 60,000 cr, Rs 70,000 cr...," he said as the crowd cheered and then stood up as he made the final announcement of Rs 1.25 lakh crore.


PM u have so much money to  spend at Bihar but just 1000 Crore ( 1% of Bihar Funds ) u do not have funds for Bangalore Commuter Rail ???

What did the Bangalore METRO got from Center ???   3000 Crore (  3 % of Bihar Funds allocated )

Is the mistake of Citizens of Bangalore to  send  3 MPS of same Party ??? This is the price we are paying for sending Three MPs from same party ??? 

Why Citizens of Bangalore cry that cost of leaving is high,  analyse and understand,  we are supporting Three Aditional Tthings apart from Bangalore Burden :

1. High Level of Corruption

2. Tax collected from Bangalore goes to other places for Development Bihar

3. Same way Calcutta METRO making losses of One Crore per day reimbursed by  Railway Minister

Even CM of Karnataka is to take blame for not getting Commuter Rail along with 27 MLA and couple of MPs.

On what face are these people asking Votes from Citizens of Bangalore for the BBMP Elections ???





Nama railu- PM's gesture.

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We thought that the present PM is different & that he'll tackle the basic malaise troubling this country. Unfortunately he turns out to be another politician who is only interested in  vote bank politics. His slogans r more decorative but people hv by now got used to it.

Has the option of

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Has the option of crowdfunding been explored for Namma Railu?

The insouciant rail board and a state government, which thinks that the concept of Namma Railu is inimical in so far as the interests of BMTC and KSRTC are concerned shall come together to write Namma Railu's elegy.

This project stuck in Red Tapisum & both Center &State sleeping

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Classic case of Red Tapisum how Govt Machinery works.   Other end  country suffers from  Corruption.

Now   this project has  been put on to Red Tepisum so that this will not see light of the day.  Thanks to both State Govt and Central.

Inspite of 56 years close followup,  this Suburban Rail is not able to see light of the day reason no interest from Officials of both GOK and Railways not seeing eye to eye till day.

I wounder how common man will feel with this Red Tepisum which is suppose to take decision and move ahead,  Here its obstucle to the project itself both Railway Board and GOK.

This is the state of affiars in IT capital  and we are looking for  Smart  City ???