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Cycle Clubs - Promote Cycles in IT - Campus

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Hi All,

I would like to propose an idea of bicycle usage in techparks. The idea as such as originated from the likes of Infosys/IISc where bicycles are used to drive from 100m to a few kms within the campus. The same idea can be replicated in Bagmane Tech park,Manyata Business Park,RMZ Ecospace,EC,ITPL this should help the employees whom i consider, do find it very hard to commute these short distances and need to wait for shuttles.

Also for people who want to buy a cycle and need inputs of usage do we have any clubs?

PS:Pardon my ignorance if this topic has been raised before.  I do not have facts other than Manyata Business park .So we can work to collect data and present it to the representatives of the Tech parks.

Lastly if there is any such initiative I would like to join





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Cycling as a way of life

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Is this the way forward for Bengaluru too?


Muralidhar Rao
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Bike info..

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 Some links on bikes groups..

Critical Mass

Weekend rides

Bangalore Bikers Club 

Bangalore Bicycle Championships

Bangalore Brevets

Some bike stores:

High end:

Indian brands are available in most bike stores around city

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time is ripe!

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@naveen and others, we as part of CycleDay are now geared up to work on the 'campus connect' as you mention above..we also have the cycles and infra to do it and the link needed is the connect to the campus admins who can discuss the modalities of setting up this.

Please let know who and how to contact and we will surely be in a position to take it forward!

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Thanks Sri, I will try to

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Thanks Sri,

I will try to pick some contacts and let you know.




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