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Mono too much to handle for BMRC

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Metro Rail
We had recently heard about BMRC trying to finalise the bids for Mono project. But surprisingly BMRC realised that Mono will be too much to handle with its plate already being full with Metro. It has hence submitted a plea to Govt. asking the Mono to be handled by some other agency. Looks like the Gove will oblige.

"According to sources, the BMRC has pleaded that it was burdened with the metro work and that it could hardly give the kind of attention monorail project requires. The creation of a new entity would expedite the implementation of monorail, it suggested."

I am no fan of conspiracy theories and I dont think there is really anything more to this issue than what is already being said. Mono is indeed a complex project by itself requiring a lot of technical and financial expertise. While BMRC has both, it might not have enough resources to divert from the Metro projects.

The bad thing about this news is however that Mono project will now again hang in mid-air for next few years. I dont think the Govt will act soon to decide on this issue and establish another corporation for Mono analogous to BMRC. So we can all forget Mono for few years now.


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rather ominous ...

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excellent catch!!! and rather ominous. for all these ideas to have an impact, metro, mono, bmtc, auto, bcp, BDA, and BBMP have to work together. it is not so much about whether mono will take off as it is about how they will work together.

i just had a really long mid wind tunnel (ask your pal what that is) chat with the guy i had told you about. apparently the center has recognized this and are working on prescribing a city centric body that will be responsible for co-ordinating it all. have to dig up sources though.

this goes right back to why a planning committee for bangalore is important. decisions made by such a committee would have greater permanence and would not be subject to leadrship issues.

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It was bound to happen

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Mono, was never considered as a main stream project. It always seemed to be very shaky. From the time Mono has been talked about, it has not got that much of appreciation from the educated class.Instead of going roller coaster for the mono project, by setting up new body and brininging in more resources at the cost of TAXPAYERS, it is better to stop the project.Rather, it would be better to utilize the extra resources added to mono project to be diverted to metro Phase II project and bring METRO PHASE II to completion by the same time as METRO Phase I, gets completed.I think, politicians are being highly bribed by the MONO project companies as MONO is not so successfull whole over the world. They have got easy catch as indian politicians are money hungry and they can sell INDIA for mere amount of money.With Mono it is difficult to achieve traffic decongestion. It should not be like one of those flyovers with a traffic signal.
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Metro - Phase II

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Any news about Metro Phase-2 ?? There were some vague ideas earlier - that it would be from Silkboard Jn to Hebbal via Cantonment, & from Marathalli to Trinity Jn, but have'nt heard anything after that. What would be the exact alignment ?
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Metro - Phase II

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Please see above
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no concrete info yet ...

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... as far as I know, but there seems to be something about a more immediate ext to Banashankari on South side, (See Vasanth's recent post) which I am guessing is to get ppl directly to a Mono station planned there. I bet BMRC is doing good work on Phase II, Phase II etc. But they are just too afraid to share any information. Afraid of the noise perhaps, as every other guy will say why not here, why not run through there. That noise is what some people call "participation", and that is something no sarkaari body in this city wants. comment guidelines

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