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Efficient design, execution and maintenance of roads in Bangalore

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 Roads are integral part of a city allowing for the movement of goods and people to and fro various essential utilities for the harmonious existence of the cities human population. A city thus consist of  

  1. Communities
    1. Gated
    2. Non gated
  2. Buildings
    1. Residential
      1. Villas
      2. Apartments
    2. Commercial
      1. Entertainment
      2. Business Malls
      3. Vegetable Markets
      4. Etc
  3. Open Spaces
    1. Parks
    2. Play Grounds
  4. Water Bodies
  5. Roads

Any road in a metropolitan city like Bangalore has to provide for essential street furniture, in addition to the surface traffic of both motorized and non motorized vehicles. Hence the design of a road should take into consideration various elements of road usage by 

  1. Motorized Transport
    1. Public and
    2. Private Vehicles
    3. Metro
    4. Mono Rail
    5. Etc
  2. Non Motorized Transport
    1. Cycles
    2. Rickshaws
    3. Hand Carts
    4. Perambulators
    5. Pedestrians
    6. Etc
  3. Street furniture
    1. Communication Cable junction box
    2. Power Cable Junction box
    3. Bus shelters
    4. Dust bins
    5. Etc 



















 Picture 1-1.      Telephone Junction Boxes [Air Tel and  BSNL ]


















 Picture 1-2. Digging in progress for a New Airtel telephone Connection



















Picture 1-3 Cleaning and rebuilding of SWD at Road Crossing junction.

 Who qualify to be the Road Designer to shoulder the final resposibility for the best design and its delivery? 

Architects were not popularly engaged by builders Till 1970s(?). Architecture as an engineering subject in  Universities in our state of Karnataka came much later. So are many more new branches in engineering. Thus as of now Architects are in charge of Designing and executing civil buildings is accepted fact. Architects should qualify to be Road Designer and executors too. 

In the current scenario there are many agencies in designing and executing / medlling roads in bits and pieces, which could end up our roads not being of top class. Better maintenance is also desirable than what is available to day.


















 Picture 2-1 SWD away from road edge. Inefficient improper design.

 Picture 2-2 KEB Junction Box on 100 feet Road, Indiranagar 12 th main Junction.

The Soni center building is situated next to this junction box. comment guidelines

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