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Property and tax particulars on BBMP website

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The newspaper ad can be accessed at,
or the site itself can be accessed directly at

I checked out, and yes, my name and property ID figure there correctly. But, the other entries are wrong, and accordingly, I have lodged a complaint as per prescribed procedure. I will now await the outcome. Simultaneously, I checked the particulars pertaining to an NRI friend on whose behalf I had made the payment. The entries against that have been made correctly.

Whatever, I must compliment the BBMP on this exercise. I can now check the tax being paid by each and every building in the neighbourhood, and if I suspect any hanky-panky, I can bring it to light straightaway. This way, the tax collection efficiency will get a tremendous boost.

But, of course, putting it to good use is another matter.

Muralidhar Rao


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A good beginning indeed

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 I agree with murali772 that BBMP should be complimented for the continued SAS exercise. At the same time I am also happy with the BJP government for retaining SAS which has shown a promise in improving the net property tax collection. We hope that 100% properties in BBMP come in the Property tax net.

However I am disappointed with the official BBMP Site. I was unable to check out my PT details as paid by me in the site. It is thoroughly cumbersome.

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long way to go

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Good begining indeed. In a meeting on 4th May 2009 the previous commissioner admitted that the BBMP has no property registry since 2000. The total property known to them is about 3.5 lacs where as this year (08-09) 6.5 property owners paid property tax and there is not less than 21 lac properties in BBMP area.

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I want to pay property Tax

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please tell How i can Do

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