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War Memorial OK - But not in my backyard, says Infosys HR Head

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It seems the steam for opposition to War memorial is picking up. Apart from Justice Saldhana, now the ABIde member themselves are crying hoarse. But the circumstances seems to suggest something contrary to their public statements. It looked like, War memorial is OK, but not in my backyard.

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"..The National Military Memorial was an idea originally mooted by the Agenda for Bangalore Infrastructure and Development Task Force (ABIde) headed by Rajeev Chandrashekar. But its own members are now coming out in protest against the proposed venue.
Mohan Das Pai, one of its key members who resides close to the park, said the idea of a war memorial for our heroes is indeed a fine one because their stories have to be told. “But the venue is certainly not acceptable to me.” ..."

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Hope the project never gets through

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 According to latest updates that i got, 91 trees will have to be eventually cut. Officially they claim that only 30 trees will be cut.

I dont understand Mr Rajeev's obsession with this project. Agreed that his dad was from the armed forces but that doesnt mean that he uses public money and public space to show his regards to the armed forces. There are a much better ways to honor those brave ppl. 

More over there are enough vacant army lands in the heart and in the outskirts of the city where they can put this up. 

The heritage committee at Abide was always against this. I am glad to see Mr Pai coming out in open against this project.

We also need to appreciate the efforts of Hasiru Husiru, who met up with BDA and pointed out to them that cutting trees in that park would be a violation of law. The had to threaten BDA that they would be dragged to the court if they went ahead with the project. 

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Save the Trees

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Instead of cutting down the trees. They should dedicate the trees to the War heroes. They can put their names in front of the existing trees.


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Green memorial

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They can put their names in front of the existing trees.

This is a good idea. One tree for each. If they run out of trees they can plant extra and mark them for the rest. A green memorial for the martyrs, I am sure they will appreciate this better whereever they are.

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Why Pai Sucks

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Agree with what Pai says about Memorial Park.  If 30 trees are being cut this memorial must not come up there.

But i have my Pai objecting it because he lives the road next to Park and uses the Park as his private walking turf or it because of green concerns ? Just imagine the handful of residents of the area have a park - about 8 acres i think - literally for their private use ! who would want access to this to go ?

Also, Infosys and other IT cos  has been in the forefront demanding and getting farm lands  for building campuses including the golf courses..they seem to be okay with taking thousands of acres from farmers - who dont have a lobby group - but these same set of people cry hoarse about a Park !

Some how, Pai and his likes speaking for saving trees does not have crediblity...

People - what about 126 fully grown trees slated for chop on Mysore Road and about 100 in Cubbon Road.  Like to hear views on this.

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Its silly to criticize Pai

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Its silly to criticize Pai for his comments. Whatever his vested interest may be - he is still ont he right side. And since he has some public persona - whatever he does can only help.

In my opinion it makes more sense to make a memorial somewhere else - Parade grounds, for example. They are hardly used and in fact if it is there people will visit  it rather than if it is in the middle of a difficult to access park.




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what type of trees?

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The proposed war memorial was an underground construction in nature and it would not harm the environment, Harnahalli said.

Apart from four eucalyptus trees, no other tree would be cut, the AG said."

If its eucalyptus trees then it should not be of too much concern, as this particular species is almost no good in cities..its adversely affects rains and ground water levels!

In its place there can be further landscaping and better varieties of trees can be planted! comment guidelines

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