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Emotional intelligence, Chanakya Niti and Road Safey - Webinar

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What has Chanakya Niti to do with Road Safety? Last week I had the pleasure of doing a webinar on emotional intelligence, Chanakya Niti and road safety for over 200 staff from the RTO and allied professions.

150K people die on roads in India each year. Far more than the damage done by Covid-19. Improving road safety is a priority, please share and help spread the word. 


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Welcome back Dr ASJ

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Welcome back Dr Adiraj S Joglekar -ji to PRAJA after over a decade-long gap. I recall your earlier blog on the subject accessible here, as also my comment thereon here, furthering on the idea by citizen participation through the concept of "traffic marshalls". Perhaps times have evolved, and now with officials coming on readily on social media too, we should see some forward movements on implementations of the suggestions too.

We owe it to the future generation, right?

Muralidhar Rao
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Good to reconnect

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Dear Shri Rao, 

it is good to reconnect and indeed was a pleasure to chat with you today during the webinar on the above topic earlier today. A very rich interaction on the end, change takes time but there is reason to be optimistic. Best wishes comment guidelines

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